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Entrepreneurship is fulfilling. But building and growing a business is also fraught with ups and downs. That’s why at eLab, we pair each participant with an experienced mentor to work with during the program -- someone you can reach out to even after you’ve completed your eLab program. 

Matched to suit your goals

Our volunteer mentors are experts and business leaders in their fields. Most importantly, they are generous people, willing to share their knowledge and networks. We strive to match each participant with a mentor who has the expertise and network that leads to a mutually beneficial partnership that’s inspiring and prosperous. 

Get an edge with an eLab mentor

During the early years of any business, mentors can prove essential. They warn new founders about problems on the horizon, help craft solutions to challenges, and encourage you to conquer your fears with their experience and belief in viewing challenge as opportunity.

Investors trust startups recommended by their friends. Our mentors and instructors will not only teach you, they’ll contribute to your success by sharing contacts that can help you get ahead with confidence.

Berlin Mentors

Olla Jongerius

Founder, TCC Tribe

Olla is the founder of Trainers, Coaches and Consultants Tribe ( TCCT ) - a strong network of over 2000 self-employed learning professionals. a a She is across-cultural consultant and coach. Her specialities are cultural intelligence, diversity and inclusion.

Edlira Kasaj

Startup Mentor and serial founder

Edlira Kasaj is a startup enthusiast who started her career with a number of small business she cofounded and ran. Additionally she cofounded and ran the first ICT Innovation Center in Albania and consulted various development organization such as GIZ, USAID, and UNDP.

Johannes von Richthofen

Consultant for organizational development and project management

Johannes von Richthofen is consultant for organizational development and project management at Volkswagen. He is an experienced project coach for young executives and helps with competence and resource activations. His special focus is reorientation, personal goals, growth, identification and resolution of obstacles and blockades 

Vitali Balajevs

Startup Mentor

Vitali lives at the intersection of business and technology with a focus on Finance, Real Estate and Investments. He has been a founding member of three PropTech startups, as well as being a co-founder in two more ventures taking care of Product, Operations and Business Development.

Tobias Feitkenhauer

Founder  of Edkosystems

Tobias is the co founder of edcosystems and an accredited coach and certified trainer with passion for personality development and change processes

Dr. Katharina Bayer

Marketingmanager at Pixformance

Katharina has delivered large marketing projects for renowned brands (B2B & B2C) and has profound experience in handling a broad range of creative services, producing marketing, sales, and other print communications, as well as online communications and video projects.

Michael Katzmann

Business Consultant

Michael started his career as a financial analyst at a Private Equity Fund. He worked as CFO and CRO to restructure distressed companies over 4 years. Today Michael is working as Trainer and Consultant for SME’ s and Start-Ups in the area of Finance, Sales, Leadership Management and Business Development.

London Mentors

Ben Lattimore

Founder: Lattimore & Friends

Ben is Founder of Lattimore and Friends. Lattimore and Friends is a web development agency that focuses on working with creative, branding and design agencies, utilising our unique remote/in-house blend.


Suds Singh

Founder: Interesting Content

Suds is the Founder and Managing Director of Interesting Content, a digital video production company based in London. Interesting Content specialises in working with B2B and SaaS businesses. Sud’s bootstrapped his way to a 6 figure revenue in 2 years. Sud’s expert area is business development and video production. 

Maurizina De Silva

Business Growth Manager - Financial and Business Services and Technology Lead - London and Partner 

Maurizina is a Business Growth Specialist helping organisations turn aspirations into tangible results and continuous success. Maurizina’s expert area is scaling.

Zaisha Smith

Founder: PitchSmiths 

Zaisha is the Founder of PitchSmiths; an organisation that helps early-stage startups authentically connect with their audience. Zaisha is also the Design Thinking Facilitator at eLab but also support as a pitch mentor. Her areas of expertise are;pitch deck building: content storytelling and design services to craft the perfect pitch deck. Research & Validation: better understand your market and the value you provide within it.

Elena Opera

Ventures Manager - Innovify

Elena is the Ventures Manager at Innovify. Innovify Ventures is an early stage digital start-up studio with an enviable track record of launching many high growth start-ups.  We help ambitious founders validate their ideas and develop MVPs to find product-market fit. Innovify Ventures brings wide and deep tech expertise to build highly scalable infrastructures and automated workflows with minimal over heads. Elena’s expert areas investor ready pitch deck development. 


David Odier

Founding Team - Head of Growth: Creme De La Creme 

David is a Founding member of Creme De La Creme. Creme de la Creme is to establish tomorrow's workforce: the most talented community of freelancers. In just 3 years, crème de la crème has become Europe's favourite freelancing ecosystem for most independent talents. David’s expertise area is developing a start-up and growing it. 

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