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From celebrated startups to local government representatives, we’re well-connected to the key players that impact every step of an entrepreneurial journey. See who you could discuss and advise your startup plans with at eLab:

Founders & Guest Speakers

  • Doreen Huber

    Founder and CEO of Berlin-based Lemoncat, launched in 2016 with a mission to radically change the way businesses think about catering.

  • Philipp Canzler

    This Ernst & Young partner has supported Rocket Internet and HelloFresh. Previously based in Shanghai, he’s active in Chinese Inbound Investments and based in Berlin.

  • Janina Mütze

    Co-founder of Civey, a company that has enabled representative online surveys. She previously worked for the VC fund BVK in Berlin.

  • Diana Rees

    Based in Berlin, Diana is founder and CEO of zkSystems, which is developing scalable Layer One DLT protocol for incentivized computation and distributed data storage.

  • Holger Seim

    Co-founder and CEO of Blinkist, a bite-sized-learning service that condenses knowledge from noted non-fiction into powerful little packs. Based in Berlin.

  • Pascal Heymann

    Based in Berlin, this public speaking trainer helps CEOs, managers, startup founders, and academics deliver convincing pitches. 

  • Dr. Matthias Mrozewski

    A post doctoral researcher at TU Berlin and European Institute of Innovation and Technology, and a former visiting researcher at Oxford University, Matthias is a great source of inspiration. Based in Berlin.

  • Geke van Dijk, Ph.D

    Co-founder and strategy head for STBY, Geke brings a wealth of expertise in consumer behavior and human-computer interaction. She is based in London.

  • Simon Franz

    Based inBerlin, this senior corporate finance advisor at Deutsche Bank Innovation Labs, is responsible for the technology sector.

  • Gonzalo Sanchez Slik

    Head of investor relations at Brickblock in Berlin, Gonzalo has a passion for connecting and nurturing business relationships.


    Founder of Berlin-based Doerrwerk, this award-winning manufacturer salvages imperfect fruits and vegetables to sell as dried snacks.

  • Alison Coward

    Founder of Bracket Creative, a consultancy that helps teams find the perfect mix of creativity, collaboration, and productivity. She is based in London.


    Advisor, angel investor, and entrepreneur, Hinrich was founder and CEO at GameGoods and before founding Berlin-based Wimdu.


    Head of Google for Entrepreneurs, Rowan leads Google’s philanthropic work in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific from Berlin.

  • George Johnston

    Founder of Tech City Ventures, a London company that bring great ideas to market faster, wherever they are in the startup lifecycle.

  • Rocio Perez-Ochoa

    Founder of Bidhaa Sasa, a social enterprise that serves rural families in East Africa. Rocio is also a London-based angel investor for impact-driven businesses.

  • Purvi Trivedi

    Community manager at ROLI in London, Purvi leads external outreach programs and works closely with the product team to improve product experience.

  • David Odier

    Head of international growth at Crème de la Crème, a London group striving to revolutionize the future of work by matching companies with select freelancers.

  • Elena Sinel

    Founder of award winning, Teens In AI and Acorn Aspirations, Elena is motivated to make a difference in the world by empowering young people aged 12-18 to solve real problems through technologies: AI, VR, AR, MR and blockchain.

  • Jameel Marafie

    Jameel co-founded Headlight AI in London to pursue his passion for light-based sensing. He holds a doctorate in physics, a master of research degree in plastic electronics and a master of science degree in chemistry.

  • Puneet Chhabra

    Co-founder and CTO of London-based Headlight AI, Puneet has more than 10 years of research and development experience in the defense and high-tech industries.

  • Matt Johnson

    CEO and co-founder of London-based Bare Conductive, which designs and manufactures a unique set of electrically conductive materials and hardware that provide modular sensing for multiple applications.

  • Vinny Piana

    Founder of Crypto Academy, which provides training courses on investing in the crypto market safely and wisely. He also consults for business on blockchain technology and is based in Berlin.

  • Maulik Sailor (MBA)

    After leading development of many innovative digital products, Maulik founded Innovify. A specialist in advanced digital transformation based in London, Maulik has a master’s in business administration.

  • Sami Benchekroun

    Sami co-founded Morressier to give scientists around the world easy, approachable access to the most recent and ground-breaking research. He is based in Berlin.

  • Valerie Broenstroem

    Co-founder and CEO of Ms Sporty, a successful chain of women’s fitness studios in Europe, Valerie also co-founded Pixformance, provider of personal digital fitness training systems. She is based in Berlin.

  • Corey Harrower

    Corey is Chief People Officer at ROLI, a music creation technology company based in London. He has extensive experience in bringing groups together and leading teams.

  • Dr. Alexander Hirschfeld

    Leads the research team at The German Startup Monitor. At eLab, Alexander informs participants about the latest trends in the German startup scene. Based in Berlin.

  • Olla Jongerius

    Based in Berlin, Olla is founder of Trainers, Coaches and Consultants Tribe, a strong network of more than 2,000 self-employed learning professionals.

  • Tobias Feitkenhauer

    This accredited coach and certified trainer has a passion for personality development and change processes. He is based in Berlin.

  • Chris Bredie

    Chris is a medical UX designer and product manager who thrives on bringing design thinking and agile methodology to early-stage startups. Chris is based in London.

  • Mohamed Dahy Ahmed

    Global manager at Social Impact gGmbh and social entrepreneurship consultant at Enpact in Berlin, Mohamed has also started two social initiatives to empower refugees through technology and storytelling.

  • Jazmin Medrano

    Creator of Unfettered Living, Jazmin is a transformational coach, performance artist, (TEDx) speaker, and trainer based in Berlin.

  • Assunta Crux

    With fineyellow, Berlin-based Assunta founded a sustainable fashion e-commerce store after gaining work experience at Rocket Internet and Google.

  • Brittany Salas

    Brittany is program director at the Plug and Play Energy & Sustainability Tech Center in Berlin and a corporate innovation and venture capital specialist.

  • Klaus Krause

    Founder of Krause3pm, Klaus has more than 30 years of professional experience in international leadership and management. He is based in Berlin.

  • Klaus Beckers

    Before joining Ernst & Young, Klaus was an auditor teacher. Based in Berlin, he specializes in helping organizations identify and capitalize on new opportunities.

  • Travis Todd

    Co-founder of Silicon Allee, Travis is an innovative entrepreneur with technical ability, an eye for design, a background in marketing, and business acumen. He is based in Berlin.

  • Mathias Haniel

    Part of the investment team at Lakestars, Mathias sources and assesses potential investments. In Berlin, he seeks new developments and upcoming category leaders.

  • Valerie Lee

    Valerie is a recruiting partner at N26. She has broad, international work experience in human resources, recruiting, and company culture.

  • Alister Sneddon

    Co-Founder and CTO at Genuine Impact. He is passionate about FinTech and financial innovation, his experience ranges from stock brokers, to software vendors, and even to robo-advisors.

  • Claire Gusko

    She is working as a senior business strategy manager at Infarm. Her main role is being responsible for translating the CEO’s vision for Infarm strategic growth into an actionable expansion plan.

  • Kaddie Rothe

    She is the co-founder of the Berlin-based female-first, creative agency “Goal Girls”. After Kaddie moved from London to Berlin, she first worked in an advertising agency, then as a Graphics and Events Lead before she started to radically rethink the agency model.

  • Adi Levy

     He is a cultural and vegan activist, entrepreneur, designer, artist, and musician who is both living and working in Berlin and Tel-Aviv. He is also a co-founder and head of design in different projects, one of which is the Artist-Run Alliance, a global platform for artist-run initiatives.



    This company’s language learning platform combines effective education methods with state-of-the-art technology.


    Maker of easy-to-use development kits that let anyone prototype electronic visions of the future.


    Their localised retail marketing platform inspires consumers and helps them navigate retail deals. 


    Provides advanced tech tools that measure public opinion in German-speaking markets.


    This hyper-local social media network anonymously connects and exchangse news with people around you.


    Clustered is an online platform that connects professional women in Berlin. It’s a space to make networking more honest and provides support for women who are navigating professional life in Berlin.


    Created to help people understand crypto currencies such as Bitcoin.


    This London catering service stresses sustainability and offers beautiful menus featuring seasonal artisan surplus produce.


    Is in charge of providing access to the empowering mindset of inspiring female entrepreneurs from all over the world.


    Google’s initiative and learning platform helps startups thrive all over the world.


    Provides automated tools and smart algorithms for asset monitoring, predictive maintenance, and sensor parameter selection.


    By bringing early-stage startups and the leading European telco together, hubraum strives to ignite innovation transfer to create new business opportunities for both sides.


    This consultative group focuses on inspiring, enabling, and leading individuals, teams, and organisations to create their own future.


    A digital video production company based in London that specializes in unique storytelling for bra


    This business angel list focuses on the European startup and investor ecosystem. 


    This meal-kit delivery service simplifies home cooking by offering seasonal ingredients delivered to your front door.


    Educating, inspiring, and empowering women to close the gender-based gaps in pay, investment, and lifetime wealth.


    This online print and design company is setting a new standard for print products.


    Offers mobile-based current accounts that allow you to hold, exchange, and transfer without fees in 24 different currencies.


    Musical touch technology that is revolutionizing the art of making music and pushing the future of musical expression.


    A working, living and event space for the vibrant startup community in the center of Berlin.


    For over 20 years, Social Impact has been developing products and services that contribute towards securing future viability and social equity. It also provides expert start-up consultancy.


    Is a business network between the most vibrant startup hubs around the globe. It supports startups to adapt business models to international requirements and accelerates corporate innovations


    A platform showcasing emerging entrepreneurs in startup hubs around the word in print and digital formats.


    Techcode is the most capable and internationalized innovation service platform in China. It has received recognition and praise for its innovative industry incubation model from top government officials at home and abroad.


    Techstars is a worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed. They proactively work to give back to the network by giving first to others in their community with no specific expectations of return.


    Venture Ladies is a network for women in the startup and venture capital industry. Moreover, it is  all about empowering and lending a helping hand to women in their professional pursuits.

Investors & VC’s


    Project A is an international venture capital firm for early-stage entrepreneurs with more than 45 companies in their portfolio. They help eLab participants learn an investor’s point-of-view via lectures and visits.


    This venture capital and private equity firm supports new and growing internet and tech ventures around the world.


    Signals is the independent innovation ecosystem by one of Germany's leading insurance services, Signal Iduna. They are the platform to meet innovative, smart people to discuss ideas and build partnerships with. Signals supports strong founders in building new businesses and invest in forward-looking ideas. 

Co-Working Spaces


    One of Berlin’s leaders in coworking space, Betahaus hosts more than 1,000 events a year and a global network of partner spaces.


    ImpactHUB builds entrepreneurial communities for impact at scale, supporting work on tangible solutions to the world’s most pressing issues.


    This community for digital high-growth startups in London has a network of more than 250 investors. 


    The world's most connected tech community includes 1,250 leaders in cybersecurity, fintech, and retail tech.


    WeWork is a collaborative working space with worldwide locations. It is home to many start-ups and companies and they also host various start-up events in their spaces.


    ALBA's open innovation hub in Berlin works closely with innovative startups that want to shape and advance the waste management industry.



    This accelerator creates innovation programs that bridge the gaps between large corporations and startups. eLab is partnered with the Bakery and they run our Growth sessions as well as serve on the judging panel for the end of term pitching events.


    Supporting people who want to create products and services that move society forward, this lab features spaces for working and events.


    Join pitch day, take a tour, and attenda Q & A at this early-stage investment firm and a start-up accelerator. 


    This incubator and accelerator has more than 60 operators to help founders build great companies. 


    A leading product development companies, Innovify focuses on tech-enabled innovation to develop cutting-edge custom software solutions.


    A support network for underrepresented tech founders in London, OneTech aims to double the number of female and BAME-led tech startups by raising investment through their program.


    The German Accelerator program empowers German tech and life sciences start-ups to successfully enter global markets.



    London’s official promotional agency works on behalf of the mayor to position London as one of the best cities in the world to invest, work, and study. 


    This group unites more than 2,200 political, social, and economical leaders, encouraging them to overcome challenges and work for a better Berlin.


    This public-private consulting group guides potential and current Berlin businesses as they establish themselves or grow in Berlin.


    The economic development agency of the Federal Republic of Germany helps businesses in Germany understand the legal framework.


    Offers unusual activities designed to provide unique insights into London and help visitors discover the secrets of London’s streets.


    This organization supports entrepreneurs by connecting them with London’s tech scene via tours and meetups.


    The Institute is an elite startup entrepreneurs club and a community of passionate, inspirational UK business leaders.


    The Consortium links more than 225 leading university centers to share best practices, strengthening the impact of university-based entrepreneurship.