Guest Speakers, Startups & Entrepreneurs

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From the latest start-up heroes to local government, we’re well-connected with the key players that impact every part of the entrepreneurial journey. See the list below for sampling of the dynamic people and companies you might learn from while at eLab. This extensive network helps us bring you the most current and essential information you need to succeed.

Founders & Guest Speakers

  • Doreen Huber

    Founder and CEO of Lemoncat, which launched 2016 with the mission to radically change the way businesses think about catering.

  • Philipp Canzler

    This EY partner has supported Rocket Internet and HelloFresh, and was previously based in Shanghai for more than three years.

  • Janina Mütze

    Co-Founder of Civey - a company that enables representative online surveys. Previously working for a VC company BVK in Berlin

  • Holger Seim

    Co-founder and CEO of Blinkist, a bite-sized-learning service that condenses knowledge from great nonfiction into powerful little packs.

  • Pascal Heymann

    Pascal brings more than five years of practice training CEOs, academics, and more in public speaking. He’ll help you create a convincing pitch.

  • Dr. Matthias Mrozewski

    Matthias brings considerable experience from his work at Technische Universität Berlin, European Institute of Innovation and Technology and more.

  • Geke van Dijk, Ph.D

    Co-founder and strategy head for STBY, Geke brings a wealth of expertise in consumer behavior and human-computer interaction.

  • Simon Franz

    Senior Corporate Finance Advisor at Deutsche Bank Innovation Labs, responsible for the technology sector.

  • Gonzalo Sanchez Slik

    head of Investor Relations at Brickblock, has a passion for connecting and growing business relationships. 


    Jonas is the founder of Doerrwerk, an award-winning manufacturer that salvages imperfect fruits and vegetables to sell as dried snacks.


    Founder of Insider London, an award-winning guided walking tour operator, Jaimei is in expert in finance, business development, and acquisition.


    Founder of Storienteer, Contentment, and, Michael brings startup strategy know-how along with insights in user experience and digital product design.


    An advisor, angel investor, and entrepreneur, Hinrich was a founder and CEO at GameGoods and before founding Wimdu


    Head of Google for Entrepreneurs, will give a tour on the new tech startup campus and talk about innovation culture.



    Babbel, language learning platform, combining effective education methods with state-of-the-art technology. 


    This Berlin startup helps consumers navigate shopping by rounding up retail deals and more with uber-efficiency.


    Google: Rowan Barnett, Head of Google for Entrepreneurs, will give a tour on the new tech startup campus and talk about innovation culture.


    Founded in 2015, Civey measures public opinion in real with advanced tech. Their network includes more than 20,000 websites and 5 million registered users.


    This Berlin-based startup got investment from 6 Mio last year and is now entering the U.S. market.


    This Berlin business showcases entrepreneurial projects to would-be investors.


    Four grads wired up this groundbreaking business to make printed electronic products that dramatically change environments and products.


    ROLI is revolutionizing the art of making music with cutting edge technology. They produce software and hardware, including Seaboard.


    This agency specializes in finding talent to drive social change, by developing people, people, organizations, and networks.


    Big Couch supports the independent film industry with crewfunding including helping freelance film people connect with people who need to hire.


    This innovative business combines healthy grab-and-go food and drinks with self-service, thanks to chat systems that let customers buy and pay ahead.


    Crypto Academy, created to help people understand currencies like Bitcoin.

Investors & VC’s


    They have funded more than 45 companies since its founding in 2012. eLab participants will learn the investor’s point-of-view through lectures and visits to Project A.


    A venture capital and private equity firm that supports new and growing internet and tech ventures around the world.


    This innovation expert gathered 25+ years of experience developing brands, products, services and business models for startups and other enterprises before co-founding. 

Co-Working Spaces


    One of the first to establish coworking spaces in Europe, Betahaus is designed to inspire a community where insights and ideas are shared freely.


    With an eye of solving big global problems like hunger and clean oceans, Impact Hub offers a host of services, from community building to startup creation.


    This community has been known for producing tech-driven startups since 2010. They have more than 250 investors and have raise more than $35 million for startups.



    With a focus on supporting people who want to create products, services, and ideas that move society forward, the Lab features spaces for working and events plus coaching and inspiration.


    A tech accelerator and workspace for the advertising, marketing and communications sector. Helping entrepreneurs and start-ups by unlocking the power of corporates.


    An early-stage investment arm in Europe and in the US and a start-up Accelerator. We join their pitch day, a tour and a Q&A.



    An award-winning business, London & Partners is the mayor’s official promotional agency. Their mission: Position London as one of the best cities in the world to invest, work, study, and explore, by collaborating with a range of partners, from international businesses to universities.


    The Berlin Business and Trade Association unites more than 2200 political, social and economical leaders, encouraging them to combat struggles or obstacles and to fight for a better Berlin. Together with the VBKI, eLab will run a "Speed Dating" format to bring together eLab participants and Berlin business leaders.


    This public-private consulting group provides potential and existing Berlin businesses with guidance and custom services to establish themselves or grow and expand in Berlin. Berlin Partner currently collaborates with 280+ companies.


    Services and consulting to help grow business in Germany and understand the legal framework.