eLab Programs

For every Step of your Journey

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Get The Essentials Every Entrepreneur Needs

These unique programs are geared to help you evolve and hone key skills needed to develop, launch and operate a fully fledged business, including how to:

  • Generate and expand ideas.
  • Cultivate core business skills related to finance, funding, planning, design and prototyping, ethics, data analysis, impact measurement, digital marketing, investment, social impact and more.
  • Understand the essential elements of startup structure.
  • Develop a comprehensive business plan.
  • Network and connect with investors.
  • Deliver a compelling pitch to venture capitalists and investors.

Programs for Each Step of Your Journey

Program Dates

All Programs are offered in Berlin and London.

Term Start Date End Date Deadline
eLab 1 Jan 7 Feb 16 Nov 1
eLab 2 Feb 18 Mar 30 Dec 15
eLab 3 Apr 1 May 11 Jan 15
eLab 4 May 13 Jun 21 Mar 1
eLab 5 Jun 24 Aug 2 Apr 15
eLab 6 Aug 12 Sep 21 Jun 1
eLab 7 Sep 23 Nov 1 Jul 15
eLab 8 Nov 4 Dec 13 Sep 1