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Do I need a business idea when I apply?

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No. Our eLab Emerge program is perfect for people who are searching for the right idea or need guidance to help them develop an idea. Idea generation is part of the curriculum, so if you haven’t settled on an idea yet, don’t worry.

Do I need a university degree?

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Yes. We require eLab participants to have graduated from or be close to graduation. We accept any type of degree; it doesn’t need to be business-related. In our programs, you can learn specific business skills and select from a series of specialization workshops, depending on the area, you would like to gain knowledge. Learn more about eligibility here.

I don’t currently have a valid passport. Can I still apply?

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Yes! You should apply for a new or renewed passport right away so you don’t have to pay extra to expedite it later on. You’ll need to enter something so you can complete the application task, so enter information from an expired passport, or enter “123456789” as a placeholder passport number and today’s date for the passport dates. You can upload a receipt from your new passport application in place of the passport scan. Email a scan of your new passport to your coordinator as soon as it arrives.

Do I need a visa?

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It depends on your nationality, citizens of the European Union will not require a visa, otherwise you will need a visa.

Students who are not residents from the European Union/Lichtenstein/Iceland/Norway/Switzerland will need to make sure that they have the necessary documents to enter and remain in Germany/the United Kingdom for the duration of their stay. Please click on the links provided to see our student visa information:

United Kingdom



What kind of schedule will I have?

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Your schedule each week will consist of up to 10 teaching hours, coaching sessions, group work and company visits and fireside chats. Classes are frequently scheduled in the morning (10:00am-1:00pm), with group work and excursions taking place in the early afternoons (2:00 to 6:00pm), and networking events and fireside chats in the early evening (6:00pm to 8:00pm). As you can see, it’s a very diverse schedule and you will definitely have gaps in your day, these  good opportunities to work individually but also to mingle with team mates and  to relax in a cafe or explore a new part of the city.

What does the program fee cover?

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Before arrival, participants get a first insight into startup culture through an online orientation that includes a look at future global entrepreneurship trends. Upon arrival, eLab provides an orientation to introduce you to your new city and peers. Your eLab program includes classes, workshops, mentoring, fireside chats, guest speakers, company visits, workspace, and use of all CIEE facilities. It also gives you access to our global network of CIEE staff members around the world – happy to provide valuable connections – and our vast alumni network. Our program fee also includes health insurance and other travel benefits, with CIEE iNext Global Explorer Plan and 24/7 emergency on-site support. Consider us your information center - ready to help with any issues that might arise.

Are housing, flights and visa fees included in the program fee?

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Every participant comes from a different place and has his or her personal preferences for housing. For this reason, permanent housing, flights, and visa fees are not included in the program fee. However, we have arranged attractive housing options close to eLab, surrounded by startup culture and in the middle of the city. For more information please see below on this page. We are also happy to help you get your Visa sorted. Just send an email to with your Visa questions.

Who owns participant work?

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Scholarly work by participants is owned by the participant. If the participant is hired to do work, any work directed by the employer (including faculty) is copyrighted to the employer.
So, a participant doing independent research does not own their data (just as a faculty member does not own their data). In fact, no one owns the copyright on data. However, the participant’s manuscript of their independent project is theirs.
Faculty need to get permission from participants to copy and distribute their works just as they would any other copyrighted work. Some faculty address this issue by having participants sign a waiver at the beginning of the class.


How do I choose housing?

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Participants complete a booking form with their application, indicating whether they want to book housing via eLab. We notify participants with their placement, which depends on availability. It’s best to complete the housing booking form as soon as you can.

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