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eLab Advisory Board


Alison Coward

Alison launched Bracket in 2009 to help people in the creative and technology sectors collaborate more effectively. Her clients include Barclaycard, The British Library, and Google. Before that, she ran entrepreneurship programs for creative students and graduates at University of the Arts London, making her an ideal contributor to eLab.

Jens Gunter Greve

Jens has founded dozens of companies in the last 25 years. What’s this German entrepreneur excited about right now? Transforming his core engineering and letter service businesses, and building a digital healthcare company with young entrepreneurs from London.

Luni Libes

A self-titled “serial entrepreneur,” Luni launched Fledge – a U.S.-based business accelerator – in 2012, after founding four startups and joining a fifth. Since then, Fledge has helped thousands of entrepreneurs pursue their visions. Luni is also co-founder of and the author of The Next Step: Guiding You from Idea to Startup. 


A powerhouse in entrepreneurial education, Babson College is ranked number one in the United States for its cutting-edge programs. Amir has been a key driver of Babson’s international education initiatives for 17 years. As Vice Provost of International & Multicultural Education, his duties include advancing internationalization and overseeing education abroad. Amir holds a master’s degree in education from University of Maine and a doctorate in higher education from Boston College.

Your eLab Team

Dagmar Hoppe


An experienced founder, Dagmar’s achievements include establishing and selling an Internet platform that facilitates school fundraising with high-frequency online e-commerce channels. She was also a brand manager for Unilever in Hamburg, working on major consumer product accounts in Europe. Several years in Shanghai and her work in international environments has made her a global citizen with awareness of and admiration for cultural differences. 

Karina Cagarman

Program Developer

Karina's rich background as a research scholar at the European Institute of Innovation and Technology and as program coordinator for the Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability program at Technische Universitat Berlin puts her in a perfect position to develop extraordinary programming for eLab participants.

Claudia Limbach

Customer Relations

Formerly a credit analyst for Deutsche Bank Argentina and ING Barings Bank in Buenos Aires, Claudia honed her management and interpersonal skills with roles in office management and high-end real estate sales. She speaks six languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French and German).

Naveed Ratansi

Marketing Manager

Naveed brings a strong combination of experience in entrepreneurship and consulting to our team. He is the founder of Mobile UX London (MUXL) – a community of experience creators and innovators working in UX, product, mobile, and design – and also helps early-stage companies such as Peerspace, Upwork, and The ASI grow in the UK and Europe.

Kiran Sahib

eLab London Location Manager

Kiran brings eights years of experience of working in the education and innovation space. She began her career as a member of the founding team at Balloon Ventures and then went on to found swivelBOX, a STEM and Entrepreneurship training programme, based in East Africa. Having dabbled with entrepreneurship she moved on to become a Consultant and used her technical abilities to support the build of global education projects for the likes of UNICEF and Argidius.


Johannes Gaedicke

INSTRUCTOR, eLab Emerge Berlin

Fluent in English, German, Italian, and Swedish, Johannes is an agile methods and design thinking coach at Nudge & Leap in Berlin. He has provided coaching and consulting on strategy development and implementing innovation and transformation processes to a number of clients, including Audi, Easy Credit, T-Mobile, and Vodafone. Johannes also founded and managed BPNF, an international trade and business development firm based in Berlin, and teaches digital business development at the School of Management, University Bergamo, Italy.

Nico MacDonald


A force in innovation and entrepreneurship, Nico’s long list of achievements includes founding a digital media studio in London, leading digital design for MetaDesign and the Guardian, and co-founding the international consultancy business Ascendant Partners. More recently, he founded a media innovation startup and led innovation at Creative England. This entrepreneurial pioneer has a wealth of knowledge to share!