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Outstanding Instructors and Staff

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eLab Team London

Meet the experts who can’t wait to help you to start and scale your own company, with tools, tricks, and tactics for success.



Innovation in education drives Kiran day in and day out. She has co-founded various global educational initiatives for organizations like UNICEF and Argidius. Her exceptional communication skills, ability to facilitate training, and experience with fundraising and producing reports make her an incredible manager.


Agile Team Management

As a paramedic, Chris saw a lot of poorly designed technology early in his career. Keen to help people, he changed gears to become a medical UX designer and product manager. With a master’s degree in interaction design and a master’s in business administration from University of Oxford, he supports early-stage startups with expertise in design thinking and agile methodology.


Entrepreneurial Leadership and Networking

Trained in environmental technology and law, Mia is a highly skilled mediator, trainer, and conflict coach who has worked with governments, religious organizations, members of UK Parliament, the U.S. Department of Energy, and other organizations. At eLab, she teaches leadership and organizational culture. Her energy and positive outlook are second to none.

Richard Cappin

21 Century Marketing

For Richard, the digital landscape and its endless possibilities is like a giant playground. He loves to figure out the best scalable solutions, which is why he has also been in the business of growth hacking. In addition to instructing at eLab, Richard is Head of Growth at Butternut Box, which is disrupting the pet food industry. With Richard on your side, you’ll soon understand the interrelations between marketing, product, and customer service. 

Gosbert Chagula

Sustainability Impact and Pitch Training

Throughout his professional life, Gosbert has focused on supporting, building, and investing in mission-driven businesses in the energy, education, and future mobility sectors. Before he became Exeter Velocities Ecosystem Manager and XYZ instructor at eLab, he was a director at The Africa Technology Business Network (AFTBN), a global network focused on driving innovation-led growth and impact in Africa. Get ready to soak up his insider knowledge of impact investing.

Ella Chalfon

Entrepreneurial Finance

After 13 years in investment banking with HSBC, Ella became a director at EarthReimagined, where she focuses on green bonds and loans, capital raising for climate and social impact businesses, and green finance framework for financial institutions. Her strict focus on sustainability and expertise in finance sets her up perfectly as eLab’s instructor of entrepreneurial finance and raising capital to help impact businesses grow faster.


Sustainable Business Model and Sales

A specialist in private sector development and entrepreneurship training, Matt believes entrepreneurship is key for creating economic growth, peace, and stability. He has been mentoring startups with Microsoft Ventures Accelerator, Startupbootcamp FinTech, and Oxford University, and is also a regular conference speaker. 


Digital Marketing, Blockchain and AI

A man of many skills and passions, Vinny is our digital advertising and blockchain and AI consultant. He is CEO of Systemx AI, where he develops AI and blockchain product, and a director at Codastar, a digital marketing agency that brings tech ventures to market.


Incorporation and Intellectual Property

A specialist in AI to automate legal work, Richard is at the forefront of innovation in the legal sector. Founder and CEO of Robin AI, Richard worked at Magic Circle law firm Clifford Chance before starting his own business. He also coaches debate teams on the side. You’ll benefit from his knowledge of litigation, intellectual property, confidentiality, employment issues, and general corporate law.

Daniel Tuitt

Growth Strategies

In Daniel’s opinion, nothing is impossible. A lateral thinker, he sees opportunities where others see problems. His hands-on attitude and expertise in human-centered design, digital transformation, and open innovation makes his session feel like a gym workout for the mind. Daniel has worked with clients that include Lego, Vodafone, and Nike. You can be next! 


Design Thinking and Lean Market Validation

With a passionate belief in the power of technology to solve the world's biggest problems, Zaisha founded Pitchsmiths. With insight into human behaviour and the power of storytelling, she creates communication strategies to help technical business founders articulate the value of their products and services. She has worked with StartYourSales and Motionwise. At eLab, Zaisha teaches design thinking and helps participants define product market fit based on lean startup methodology.

eLab Team Berlin

Meet the experts who are uniquely qualified to help you start and scale your own business with the best strategy plus the power of cutting-edge tools and tactics.



Well-connected in Berlin, Bastian is an experienced coach, facilitator, and events and outreach manager who loves to introduce eLab participants to the city’s startup scene. He is incredibly thoughtful and caring, and goes out of his way to help our participants and alumni reach their goals. A natural community builder, Bastian makes sure everyone is having a good time while they reach their personal business goals.

Dr. Katharina Bayer

21st Century Marketing

From B2B to B2C, Katharina has helped large and small companies execute marketing strategy. With a doctorate in economics from the Technical University of Berlin and extensive experience in marketing and public relations, she has profound experience with digital and experience-based marketing techniques. In addition to instructing at eLab, Katharina is CMO of Pixformance, a digital training concept based on movement analysis.


Digital Marketing

With a passion for working in fast-paced environments, Martina specializes in paid acquisition services, CRO, and strategic marketing. For years, she has managed large budgets to help companies like Treatwell with performance marketing. Martina co-founded Cheetah Conversions, an agency that specialized in paid media advertising, SEO, and conversion funnel optimisation. As a side gig, she also founded an embroidery e-commerce business that frees independent fashion designers to source smaller quantities.

Pascal Heymann


As an internationally distinguished speaker, event moderator, and public speaking trainer, Pascal is our in-house pitching coach. His training has advanced the efforts of a wide range of local and international startups, companies, and organizations as they strive to bring valuable new ideas to life. His prominent clients include APX, Startupbootcamp, Philips, and TEDx. 

Michael Katzmann

Entrepreneurial Finance and Sales

After a career as a financial analyst at a private equity fund in Munich, Michael has worked for several years as a CFO and CRO, restructuring distressed companies. He’s a business angel, trainer, and consultant for SMEs and startups for finance, sales, business development, and leadership management. Michael is a clear communicator with the ability to explain financial matters in an engaging manner, making his seminars incredibly popular.

Malte Recker

Sustainability Impact and Leadership

As a doctoral candidate at TU Berlin’s Center for Entrepreneurship involved in a joint project with the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative, Malte is researching sustainable entrepreneurship. During the last two years, he has coached more than 50 businesses to identify, measure, and improve their impact potential. A former engineer and consultant, Malte combines technical knowledge and business experience to support entrepreneurs oriented towards sustainability on their journey to transform our world.


Agile Team Management and Effectuation

A visionary who loves to explore the possibilities of co-creation for society, Klaus supports companies through the digitalization process. He believes immersive and collaborative learning leads to innovation, and that led him to start Innovation Labs Berlin and Cyoneer. He has worked with clients that include Airbnb, Siemens, Fraunhofer, and many others, and is eager to help you create a specific vision for your ideas.


Blockchain, AI, and IoT for Startups

Data protection and privacy in tech-centric environments, such as blockchain, AI and IoT are important topics for many entrepreneurs. Silvan holds certification from the Columbia Business School in digital strategies for business, from the IAPP as an information privacy professional (Europe/GDPR,) and from TÜV as a data protection officer. His inside knowledge of cutting-edge technologies will give you a head start.


Design Thinking and Lean Market Validation

With a doctorate in creative workspace design, Gaja knows how to bring the best out of people. She founded Artexpo22 srl, serving customers such as TelePass and SwissR, and is a design thinking and workspace design manager at Nudge & Leap. As a contributor to The Future Shapers platform for innovation, Gaja is familiar with current trends. Thanks to her hands-on approach and lateral thinking, she’s an ideal instructor and mentor for anyone who wants practical advice about their business idea.

Your eLab Team

Our highly people-oriented team is always happy to help and completely dedicated to providing a quality overall experience at eLab. We share international backgrounds and a global outlook that will help you feel instantly connected to the eLab community and the startup scenes in London and Berlin.

Dagmar Hoppe


A vision-driven leader with international experience, Dagmar sets the tone for eLab’s global outlook. As an entrepreneur, she has built brands from idea to successful exit in Berlin and Shanghai, which gave her valuable experience navigating challenging situations. 

For eLab, Dagmar built a team and a network of global business leaders and experts to support, advise, and mentor participants both during our programs and after they’ve graduated. Her attention to quality and detail, and her warmth are key to eLab’s success.

Dr Marina Abrosova

Academic Program Manager

Marina started her international journey traveling from Siberia to the United States for a high school semester exchange at age 15. Since then, she has earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mathematical economics from Novosibirsk State University and a doctorate in economics from Technical University of Berlin, and received executive education from MIT Sloan Business School. Marina has taught as an assistant professor at the Chair of Innovation Marketing at TU Berlin and as a guest lecturer at a variety of business schools and universities of Europe and Russia. She is also an entrepreneur, researcher, and corporate consultant for clients that include Volkswagen, Audi, Bosch, Pandora, and Movavi.

Maximilian Engel

Sales and Admissions Manager

A citizen of the world with experience in international sustainability consulting, entrepreneurship and business development, Max’s mission is to advance eLab’s international admissions and sales strategy. Researching sustainable business models for companies sourcing from the Amazon Rainforest while earning his Master’s degree from Lund University in Sweden, inspired him to work on miscellaneous projects in that region, including a solar project in the Northwestern Amazon and cofounding TodaVida, a social food startup in Berlin. He aims to provide the best advice for future entrepreneurs, while ensuring a smooth application process.

Nathan Simmons

Admissions Coordinator

Nathan personally handles all questions and requests from eLab applicants. His career has been focused on the development of prospective students and he has previously been responsible for the development, management and delivery of direct student recruitment at UK universities. His mission currently is to provide the best advice and experience for participants at eLab throughout the admission process.