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Let’s Foster Entrepreneurship Together

When you team up with eLab, you help promote entrepreneurship – the number one driver of innovation, progress, and prosperity. You also show your savvy by offering today’s premier entrepreneurship programs.

Benefits for companies

Benefits for companies

Showcase your achievements to an international crowd of ambitious university graduates, eager to work in vibrant, innovative environments. Here’s how:

  • Be a guest speaker at an entrepreneurship lecture or a more informal fireside chat.
  • Sponsor a talented graduate with a bright idea who needs financial resources to participate in our eLab Emerge or eLab Advance program. In return, enjoy perks like invitations to fireside chats, networking events, and more.
  • Book your employees to speak during an eLab Emerge course or talk with us about customizing a course led by your company. It’s a great way to motivate your people to think and act more entrepreneurially.

Benefits for entrepreneurs

Benefits for entrepreneurs

Share your passion for entrepreneurship and your experience with hungry university graduates from around the world. Join the eLab Advisory Board and:

  • Share your advice about latest trends in entrepreneurship.
  • Help create and deliver cutting-edge courses.

Benefits for universities

Benefits for universities

Show students and alumni you have the resources they crave to become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses! Introduce them to our premier programs, and help them:

  • Gain valuable international experience.
  • Find the next step following graduation.
  • Make the most of a free summer.
  • Keep advancing after participating in a university incubator program.

Benefits for sales agents

Benefits for sales agents

Add the premier entrepreneurial program to your portfolio today! With a growing number of university graduates eager to participate in or found a startup after graduation, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. Our programs instill the essential skills graduates need to fast-track their way forward.

Along with being well-positioned to ride this market trend, you’ll:

  • Diversify your product base, showing you’re up-to-date with market demands.
  • Get additional opportunity to sell add-ons, like travel, insurance, or housing to prospective customers.

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Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (GCEC), the premier organization linking global university-based entrepreneurship centers. With more than 225 university members, the GCEC is the primary vehicle linking leading university centers for the purposes of sharing best practices and advancing, strengthening, and celebrating the impact of university-based entrepreneurship.

Look Who’s Excited About eLab!

  • “Entrepreneurship is the main driver of innovation, prosperity and progress. CIEE’s eLab will make an important contribution to the promoting entrepreneurship and shaping a new entrepreneurial culture.”

    Entrepreneur Jens Gunter Greve, Berlin
  • “There are hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs to help, and learnings to share to increase the odds of success for every entrepreneur, globally. eLab is a great place to start.”

    Accelerator leader, Luni Libes, Seattle
  • “This seems to be a great starting point for anyone with a bright idea. Americans can learn there’s a market outside the U.S. of global citizens who want to solve problems across borders. I’m eager to learn to grow my businesses, and bring that back to my home country.”

    Startup founder, Dahm Choi
  • “People have a lot of bright ideas but they need skills, organization, guidance -- and confidence.”

    Startup founder, Phillip Brunnbauer
  • “If you go to Harvard, half the class is involved in a startup. If you don’t, you miss out on the close network of inspiring entrepreneurs, and all the information you need to set up a company.”

    eLab candidate, Oxana Aculici