STEP Conference 2020: Tech Festival for Emerging Markets

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Sarah Cortes

For its 9th year in a row, the leading tech festival for emerging markets, STEP Conference, is returning to Dubai Internet City on February 11th & 12th, 2020, to gather global investors, entrepreneurs, influential speakers, and tech startups.

300+ global startups across tech, finance, digital, health and a wide range of industries will be showcasing at the Startup Basecamp and will even get a chance to participate at the STEP Pitch Competition. 

With the following content tracks - STEP Start, STEP Money, STEP X, STEP Digital - and one special addition this year - The Wellness Track - participants will experience the industry’s newest innovations, brand activations, live entertainment and benefit from exclusive one-on-one meetings with some of the brightest and experienced global mentors and investors. 

Here are a few speakers that will be at STEP 2020:

Jeff Hoffman - Global Entrepreneurship Network

Jeff Hoffman is a successful entrepreneur, proven CEO, worldwide motivational speaker, bestselling author, Hollywood film producer, a producer of a Grammy-winning jazz album, and executive producer of an Emmy Award-winning television show. Jeff has been part of a number of well-known successful startups, including, and more. Jeff is the Chief Evangelist for the Global Entrepreneurship Network.

Charles Schreger - NYU Professor of Marketing, former president of HBO Enterprises

Charles Schreger, the former President of Programming Sales at HBO, has overseen more than $5 billion in the international distribution of programming to all media everywhere from Canada, Australia and the UK to Japan, China, Turkey, and the Middle East. Charles Schreger has played a critical role in programming sales and partnership like the OSN deal that brought Game of Thrones, and other hit HBO series to the region. He's now spreading knowledge and experience at universities such as NYU and AUD as an adjunct professor. 

Adah Parris - Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Performance Artist, Cultural Strategist. TED2019 Emerging Innovator.

Adah Takes a philosophical approach to technology, hones her skills in pattern recognition and creates immersive storytelling and learning and development environments. She's worked with global companies including Google, Unilever, Sainsbury's, Ogilvy Labs, The British Council, The EU Council, Burning Man Camp, and more.

Daumantas Dvilinskas - TransferGo Ltd

Daumantas Dvilinskas is a serial entrepreneur and advisor to startup founders, currently co-founder & CEO at TransferGo. Previously he co-founded and “Green Trends”, of which he was also CEO. He has always been business-orientated and has had an interest in focusing his efforts on creating something new and innovative that would add value to society, and he firmly believes that FinTech fascinatingly enables this. As one of the co-founders of TransferGo, he believes he is finally fulfilling this dream, not only by leading a successful business but also because the business is making a real difference and helping people to enter a middle-class lifestyle.

Robert Scoble -  Infinite Retina

Robert Scoble is among the world’s best-known tech journalists and futurists. As a globally in-demand keynote speaker, Robert delivers a rocket ride through the future of technology and shows you how your business is about to be disrupted by mixed reality, which will bring a new user interface onto smart cities, IoT devices, self-driving cars, robots, and drones. He gives businesses an insight into how other businesses, like Sephora, Disney, and Ford, are already using augmented reality and how your business will need to change to get ready for consumers and workers who will be wearing augmented reality (or what we call mixed reality) glasses while interacting with their business.

Jeremiah Owyang - Entrepreneur, Speaker, Analyst

Jeremiah founded Crowd Companies, which focuses on how large companies leverage the collaborative economy. He focuses on how social media, mobile, and IoT power the collaborative economy and impacts how companies stay relevant to customers.

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