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Stemming The Tide Of Old School Learning

My name is Pishsenee and, I’d like to tell you a little about my recent experience with e-Lab.  I’ve always been passionate about education - in particular STEM education and, have spent almost ten years developing and operating STEM learning centres in Bangkok.  It’s so important that children and young people are encouraged to embrace science, technology, engineering and mathematics - in fact, it’s vital for the survival of our world.  For this reason, our learning centres incorporate table-top games, activities and hands-on participation in order to keep children engaged. Each year, we have over 300 children enrolling in the programme and we hope to be able to reach out to even more in the future.

Why e-Lab is the one for me

With the success of our learning centres in Bangkok, I decided that I wanted to take the game concept of STEM learning to a new level by creating a virtual reality (VR) game to further engage young people.  The game aims to create a boundless world of scientific exploration in a fun and competitive way - a sneaky way of introducing STEM learning to even the most reluctant of students!

When I first came up with the concept of the game, I knew that there would be a lot of work involved.  I would need to validate the idea, form a team of software developers, create a business plan and gain access to grants and investors - all of that just to launch the game, which is why I knew that I needed some help. 

I researched a number of business courses online, most of which were not suited to my needs as they were either irrelevant to my business idea or, financially beyond my reach.  Thankfully, I came across e-Lab which, I found, was tailored made for my requirements. 

The course

I chose a six week course with e-Lab which fitted around the fact that I also needed to work on business whilst learning.  The classes and activities were interesting and all the instructors and mentors were knowledgeable and inspiring.  The classes and activities provided me with a diverse range of experience which has helped hugely with the development of my business idea.  As well as being amazingly proactive and informative, I really enjoyed the fireside chats and getting to know the other entrepreneurs. 

During my six weeks with e-Lab, I learned some vital skills including pitch presentation, connections with investors and the necessary tools to develop, sustain and grow my business.

Within the next six months, I intend to finish the development of my game prototype and begin product testing.  Within the next five years, my aim is to deliver STEM learning content and VR games to children across the globe.

Give it a try

If, like me, you have a great business idea but need some help, e-Lab could work for you.  I’m the first to admit that it’s not easy - you’ll need passion, belief, hard work, the ability to overcome obstacles - and a tough skin to make it but, it’ll be worth the effort.  Do your research and build a great team with different skills to help you on your way. Take the next step now!

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