SAGA: From a digital nomad to an entrepreneur.

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eLab Contributor

Your business opportunity might be right in front of your eyes then the best ideas are mostly inspired by people’s personal needs.

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Saga has recently finished the eLab Advance course in Berlin. She is a 29 years old woman who decided to settle in Berlin after travelling the world as a digital nomad for four years. While trotting around the globe,, she realized there was potential in the global house sitting movement: she made it her mission to relieve the housing markets, while simultaneously empowering more women to take up space in the world through travel and location independence.

As a literature graduate, she wasn’t sure how to best start a business. She wanted to learn and wanted to do so fast. With her ambition to increase awareness of house sitting worldwide,sheand her desire to be her own boss, she enrolled herself at eLab.

“The most valuable part of eLab was working with a team of amazing insightful participants who were equally driven to make the most of these six weeks. The academic value is outstanding, as well as access to the startup scene. It is essential to have the right people in the group especially just starting a biz idea when it is still malleable and can be pulled in many directions.”

After eLab, her dream now also has a name: Doorways. It is a house sitting platform that works towards the goals mentioned above.

In the spirit of the sharing economy, Doorways not only pairs travelling pet owners with live-in pet sitters but also helps them build a community of fellow home owners or sitters to share knowledge, interests and experiences.

Based on Saga’s qualitative research, there’s a growing population of travelling pet owners around the globe who would rather keep their pet in its home while they are away. Not only are kennels expensive and asking neighbours inconvenient, but pets are now considered by many to be part of the family. This creates a high demand for live-in pet sitters.

At the same time, there’s a growing demand for “spatial empowerment” in the sense of greater lifestyle flexibility. Due to the rising cost of accommodation it’s especially women who face challenges to taking up more space in the world; whether it’s reaching leadership or entrepreneurial positions at work or feeling empowered to travel to a different country on their own. Which is what Saga’s Doorways is meant to solve.

"eLab has given me the knowledge, support, and insight to develop my business and choose the path aligned with my truest self, so I can provide authentic value to the world."

Have a pet yourself yet want to start your business with eLab? Explore Doorways and come to London or Berlin for six weeks while someone’s happily taking care of your one and only.


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