Ros - How eLab shaped him as an entrepreneur

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eLab Participant

eLab Participant

Coming from the USA, Ros landed in Berlin 3 months ago. When he signed up at eLab, he had no specific idea of what he wanted to do. He craved a new adventure. He wanted to do something different. He was curious about entrepreneurship.

At first, Ros had no specific business idea. As he himself said, CIEE’s eLab proved to be the perfect stepping stone to get him from a vague dreams to hands on reality. In the 6 weeks of Emerge, Ros developed his theoretical knowledge and eventually his own feasible business concept. After doing the Emerge course, he continued on to eLab Advance, so as to cultivate and launch his own venture.

Sitting together in a room with people from all sorts of different backgrounds inspired Ros every day as they all learned from one another.

"It was amazing to go through Emerge without an idea, learn theoretically about this whole entrepreneurial business space, and develop this skill set/knowledge base from there -- in addition to learning from other entrepreneurs and their own business ventures…... The whole process and community fully jump started and inspired my own aspirations.”

Ros is now excited to be tackling new entrepreneurial challenges, as well as taking advantage of all that Berlin has to offer. While his background spans a broad range from strategy consulting to journalism, finding new ways to solve big problems has always been his largest passion common to his varied interests.

“eLab gave me a community, as well as the individual know-how and confidence to successfully move forward with my wildest business aspirations”.

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