Founders Advice: Startup Journeys

Authored by:
Sarah Cortes

Every startup has its own journey and our participants got the scoop from several founders on how their companies developed and thrived.

Alister Sneddon, co-founder and CTO of Genuine Impact, ran a session on his journey and the typical journey of a startup. He gave the participants brilliant insights into the type of fundraising possible for startups, including his experience in having raised huge amounts through crowdfunding.

Founder and CEO Johnny Boufarhat took them through his journey in founding Hopin, raising two rounds and how he managed to find product-market fit.

What was so intriguing about Johnny’s story was that not only was he a solo founder, but he was also working on a unique idea which had never been done before. As a result, he was able to talk them through some of the traditional startup advice which just didn’t apply to his own entrepreneurial journey.

The participants also had the pleasure of visiting Interesting Content for a talk by the founder Suds Singh. Suds covered his journey from working in sales as a graduate to starting his fashion business to finally founding Interesting Content.

They were inspired by his journey, in particular, his resilience in having to tolerate friends and family telling him that he was wasting his time. Fortunately, he was able to prove them wrong!

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