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Authored by:
Sarah Cortes

After networking and sharing ideas, eLab participants in Berlin joined the female entrepreneurship-focused FemsGems Podcast, professional networking app Clustered, and the city partnership and startup accelerator program Start Alliance for a round of co-founder speed dating.

The Find your Co-Founder event kicked off with several entrepreneurs giving their one-minute business pitch which explained their idea, their role within the company, and what they were looking for in a co-founder.  Once the pitches were made there was a bit of networking while the speed-dating session was being set-up. Everyone was given colored name tags that explained their job titles and skills, which made it easy to find exactly who and what you were looking for. Once this was set, then the rounds of speed-dating commenced and co-founders from all over Berlin started searching for their perfect match. The event was a great success with many new professional connections and matches made, so we look forward to hosting another round of co-founder speed dating soon!

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