eLumni Interview with Malte Koslowski, Founder of Toolibry

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eLab Contributor

Malte finished the eLab Advance program, in Berlin this past Summer. He's been involved in entrepreneurship for about seven years and has also been working as an Innovation and Design consultant/strategist for over a decade. He's currently working on multiple projects including the one he developed while on the program, Toolibry.

How did eLab help you as a seasoned entrepreneur?

Well, I don’t know if I would consider myself a seasoned entrepreneur, but getting all of the knowledge I needed in a condensed format and framework as well as growing my network is what really helped me. Network and knowledge synergize here. Also, the finance and leadership course were fragments of knowledge that I didn’t have at all or weren’t that clear to me. 

I’ve been on my entrepreneurial journey for a while now, so I already have plenty of personal experience and insights into this field, which differentiates me from those who are new to the game. However, a lot of these things were learned by trial and error and at eLab, this was really drilled down, challenged and even completed. It all felt like I was exploring my home turf a bit because it covers the strengths that I already have, but it was still a boost for unveiling a lot more of my own potential. You can get the best out of the Entrepreneur Lab program by tapping into the positive influences around you as well as professional knowledge and personal development aspects. 

What did you initially expect to get out of eLab? Did it meet or exceed your expectations?

I knew it was going to be intense timewise, which is fine, but also challenging if you have a schedule. However, I was sure it would prove to be very helpful for my entrepreneurial journey, so I went for it. The expectation was that I would learn a lot and learning is one of the most important things for the mindset of being an entrepreneur. You need to learn from your customers and be open-minded as well as work on your personal development.

I felt like this program was a gift because of the journey I was already on. I would have followed through with or without eLab, but this opportunity came at the right time. My background and goal to follow this journey was the right moment to be shifted to another level.

I can say that during the program felt like there was this surprisingly premiere quality to it all. I had a certain amount of expectation, but it was really filled with great content and this confirmed to me that I had made the right choice. I didn’t need to change my path. I didn’t need to pivot or stop what I was doing. This program only enriched the whole journey that I am on.

What did you enjoy most about this program?

I met a lot of great people and there was a really family-friendly vibe. The eLab team did a great job of setting up a familiar and comfortable atmosphere as well as getting everyone into working mode. There was a base set up to do work and even a place to nap in, which I took advantage of, but I also gained a broad spectrum of experience. You can always learn by capturing information and going to school, but eLab is really good because it’s more than just that, it’s an experience. The instructors build a relationship with every person that attends and the other people on the program bond and push each other forward, so it really feels like a family. The best learning is a real experience and you can get that here.

How did eLab help you with your business goals and needs for your entrepreneurial journey?

My journey into entrepreneurship started back in 2013, so I’ve had almost a decade of being on this path. All the experiences I’ve had and the things I’ve done so far have brought me to make a decision for my future. Back in April 2019, I decided to just say yes to fully embracing the entrepreneurial journey and strengthen my beliefs and confidence in this. In the years before, it was mostly like a lot of random points which happened but it wasn’t personally my intention to fully dive in and revolve my whole life around it.

It helped changed me on the level of mindset and effectuation as well as taught me about leadership and goal setting. Both of these together are really relevant to me in terms of how you think. How do you change your mindset and viewpoint? Everything is there, the world is there and your motivation is there. This boot camp shows you how to work with this reality and I felt like that was really important. 

Focusing on thinking big, setting goals to succeed and how to do that brought this into an actionable manner for me. I got tools and thought models that really brought me up to a new level of thinking. eLab strengthened my confidence in being an entrepreneur. My backpack was stuffed with things I wasn’t even aware of before, but now I know I have the full package in my backpack and it makes me feel more confident moving forward. Plus, it accelerated my validation testing and taking the risk to go to the market.

Would you recommend eLab to aspiring entrepreneurs? If so, why?

Yes, I definitely recommend this program. Why? Because of all the things I’ve already mentioned. If you want to complete your knowledge set in entrepreneurship and enjoy the impact of engaged people bringing in a lot of relevant impulses and insights from various levels and for the fun of creating things, then this is the program for you. 

For example, to the seasoned entrepreneur, this could really boost or bring back the mentality of the startup and daily business which keeps you from being focused. Entrepreneur Lab is a place to cultivate what it’s actually about. Not about getting back on track, but really get things down again to the level of why am I doing this, what am I doing this for? It’s to focus or refocus on your business, enrich your knowledge and meet the right people.

If you have any questions on your path then this is the ecosystem to get support from and focus on your goals. The instructors stand for brilliant thought leadership and are not just concerned with calculations, but bringing ideas and methods to a real point. The people here are really great, closely connected to thought leaders, and teach cutting edge knowledge. Everything is applicable to your situation and close to what you want to achieve. It’s very close to the real experience of entrepreneurship, so it’s highly effective even for seasoned entrepreneurs.

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