eLumni Interview with Krunoslav Weinpert, Founder of Pointers Travel

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eLab Contributor

Krunoslav joined us in Berlin and finished the Advance program in eLab's first cohort back in 2019. During his time on the program, he signed a joint venture with another participant and since then has been growing his startup, Pointers Travel and building new valuable business connections across the world. He recently joined us at the STEP Conference in Dubai and met representatives of an investment fund who were interested in his project. He has now signed a contract with them, which gives him the right to represent the investment fund for finding new startups that are investor-ready in Germany, the UK, and Croatia, as well as countries in the former Yugoslavia. Congratulations, Kruno!

Since you're originally from a Central Eastern European country, what made you decide to participate at eLab in Berlin?

Together with my startup Pointers, I was in a phase where I needed extra knowledge and mentoring, as well as to set clear goals, priorities, and strategies. Accidentally at that time, I saw on Facebook that eLab was starting a program that I found interesting. That was while I was living in Germany, Berlin exactly, and of course, my choice was to apply for it. 

What did you gain while on the program and would you do it again?

A wish for success, a wish to be competent in leading my startup, a desire to make my goals come true. Yes, I would for sure apply again if I was in the same situation. Executive mentors, energy and entrepreneurship mentality boosting surroundings, going through real situations and deeper learning about the startup world, eLab really helped me to gain more knowledge. 

Your journey with eLab didn’t end with the program but as an eLumni, you were invited to showcase with us at the Dubai STEP startup conference. What kind of opportunities opened up for you in the MENA region?

Yes, I am really glad. The fact is that eLab does not have an obligation to stay in touch with us, but they still care about their former participants and see how we're doing. One example of that is when I got a call from eLab to apply to present my startup in Dubai at the STEP conference. I decided to accept the call and present my business in front of the investors. I went to Dubai with no big expectations but with hope, because hope never dies in us, the founders of startups. A small joke, but there is a lot of truth in that.

What surprised me in Dubai is that the business world there is not overly concerned with the amount of money they will invest in new projects. I would say it's a place for good ideas and good startups. In Dubai, I met a lot of new people, including representatives of an investment fund that would like to invest in my project. They want to go through and evaluate my business with united forces and I believe this evaluation is a very important process that every startup should have to pass through. I have already visited Dubai twice in 25 days and arranged further activities for my own project and signed a contract with them with which gives me the right to represent the investment fund for finding new startups that are investor-ready in Germany, the UK, and Croatia, as well as countries in the former Yugoslavia.

All in all, I am really glad that I am aware of what the startups are going through and how hard it is to get financial help for their projects. With this step, I would say that capital is coming closer to the ones that need it the most. Right now I am in contact with more than 25 startups in just 6 days, and probably 5 or 6 of them will get a chance to present their pitch deck in front of the investors on the 4th of April in Dubai. eLab participants with excellent businesses and pitches will also be a part of this group, so the opportunity for potential investment after successful completion of the program is available.

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