eLumni Interview with Aleksey Zaleskiy, Co-founder of SmartPim

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eLab Contributor

Aleksey finished the eLab Advance program, in Berlin this past Summer. He's a serial entrepreneur and during his time on the program, he was able to take the skills and lessons learned here to improve his current businesses as well as began working on his newest AI-based e-commerce product SmartPim.

Why did you choose eLab?

There were two reasons. First, a friend recommended the program to me and I trusted her opinion and second it seemed really cool. The topics of the lessons looked like what I was trying to find since I had been searching for programs in and close to Russia. Germany was convenient for me, plus I already have a business here, so it was easier to travel to as opposed to any other European country. Also, Moscow was more expensive and the topics of those offerings were broader, which was not right for me.

What did you initially expect?

We work with our expectations and my expectations were met, plus I learned more additional useful things as well. I expected that we would learn some techniques of how to structure a startup and your ideas as well as build a roadmap, which we did, but additionally, we learned about mental management, how you can focus on your attitude and influence, how it is important while you work. It’s discovering and figuring out the entrepreneur mindset. The course is not just a cut and dry technique, it’s about how you can manage mentally with the project and how you can set up your mindset. This is very important and I was not expecting this from the program.

Did this course help you prepare for your career? (Confidence, ideas, etc.)

It is now clear for me and no longer hidden on how to build a roadmap for my own project and product. I have an algorithm with additional topics that need to be finished before going to market, so now I know what I need to do in the next three months and even the next three years if I want to be successful in building my product.

What did you enjoy about this program?

There is a very friendly atmosphere here as well as a lot of interactive sessions, which means not only theoretical lessons but actual practice and examples. I really enjoyed this aspect of the program. The people here are open-minded and this not only limited to our instructors, but also the people we meet in the accelerators and at other sessions and events. In general, the space is friendly, filled with open-minded people and we get a lot of practice, but we’re not exhausted afterward. The instructors are really cool and when everyone is working together, then everything is in harmony.

How did eLab help you with your business goals and needs?

I know I can already use some techniques and skills that I learned at eLab, such as how I can set achievable goals for my business and I even improved my leadership management skills. This program can be useful not just for startups but also for entrepreneurs who are growing their current businesses. I learned how I can increase and improve my money flow as well as making my business scalable, which helped me not only with my new product but also with my current ventures.

What was your biggest takeaway from the program?

Entrepreneur mindset and mental management. The main question always seems to come down to: what do I have to focus on and where is the energy for that? Technically, these are things that can be learned at any time, but if you can’t set your mood and attitude towards your goals, then you’ll hit a lot of problems.

Would you recommend eLab to aspiring entrepreneurs? If so, why?

I’ve already recommended it! I told five people back home about the program and they’re interested in coming. 

First of all, if you want to avoid a bunch of stupid mistakes while creating a product, then this will save you time and energy and will help you keep your goals in mind. It’s very useful to join eLab to learn these types of skills as well as how to manage a project. If you try to start a business alone, then you’ll not only spend your time and money but also those of others and if mistakes are made, which often happens, then you end up wasting that valuable time and money. Gaining these skills, knowledge, and experience from eLab first can help you avoid this.

Also, if people want to grow their business regardless of size or industry, then it is a useful tool because there are many well-experienced instructors and mentors that work with us according to our industry and experience. They always try to fit their knowledge and lessons to our level, so it’s the standalone things that make this program special because it’s not like an MBA or executive learning. The instructors try to adjust their lessons in real-time for your questions, goals, and level of experience. It’s perfect. Face to face working is always the most effective method, which is the strongest advantage of the program.

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