eLab Alumni Matthew Benson is interviewed by Luni Libes, founder of Fledge, on The Next Step podcast

Authored by:
Sarah Cortes

Luni Libes, founder of the accelerator Fledge, had a chat with one of our former eLab participants, Matthew Benson who is the co-founder of eFuse; a platform that is supposed to resemble LinkedIn for e-sports. Matthew joined our program after already receiving funding for his project, but felt that he could learn more about the e-sports ecosystem in London and gain some industry connections by coming to eLab. 

eFuse started its journey in August 2018. By February 2019 they had received funding from various investors and the founders were starting to build partnerships. Despite the success that eFuse was already experiencing, Matthew decided that before launching the platform it was important that he joined the eLab program in London. Although he felt that the eFuse product and business model were already quite strong, he wanted to learn more about the European start-up and e-sports scene.

Our eLab Location Manager sat down with him to evaluate his business goals and needs, then helped connect him to working professionals in his industry. During his time at the program, he had the opportunity to meet game publishers and tournament organizers to gain insights and build relationships with them. He made many extremely valuable connections in the gaming and e-sports industry as well as getting helpful feedback on his business model.

eFuse is planning to launch in Fall 2020 and the team is looking forward to seeing what features will be most valuable to users and how the platform will evolve around this in the coming months. If you want to hear more about Matthew’s entrepreneurial journey, then you can listen to the podcast episode here.


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