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eLab Contributor

I’m Kentaro, I’ve lived all around the world but am originally from Japan and, I’d like to tell you about my experience at eLab Berlin.

Although my background and education are based firmly in the IT industry, it has always been my dream to open my own dance school and, for a number of reasons, I decided that Germany was the right place to make that happen and so I moved there from China around two years ago.  On arrival in Germany, I set myself up as a freelancer but, it soon became clear that, in order to succeed, I would need to launch a business and so I opened my dance school. I quickly realised that, although I had the passion, I didn’t really have any business knowledge necessary to make the dance school work and so I decided that I needed to do something about this.  I did a little research and soon came across eLab which seemed to be tailor made to my requirements so I went ahead and signed up in order to expand my business knowledge and enhance my company.


“eLab has given me so many new ideas and useful networks as well as empowering me to move my business to the next level.”

As an entrepreneur, I think you have to take risks and be prepared to try new things which, for me, meant eLab - and I’ve never looked back!

The eLab course

I’ve now been with eLab for four weeks and it has by far exceeded my expectations.  I’ve met some amazing people, discussed possible collaborations and learned an incredible amount.  Although everything I’ve learned has been valuable, it’s been particularly important for me to learn how to identify and solve problems within my business.  The course is great fun as well as educational with loads of events, workshops and social occasions. 

There’s no doubt that attending eLab has helped my business to go from strength to strength.  I’ve always worked hard but, eLab has taught me to work smart too and, now, my business is operational and making a profit.

The future

I plan to build on the current success of my business by gaining 100 more dance students within the next six months - and more staff to help me cope with them!  Once I’ve achieved this, the next step will be open more dance schools around Europe, the success of which will allow me to move back to China to pursue other dreams.  With what I’ve learned from eLab, I now feel that all of this is within my grasp and am excited about the future. Are you ready to turn your business dream into reality?  In just six short weeks, eLab can help you get your business off the ground and onto the road to success.

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