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Entrepreneur Lab by CIEE offers two programs for aspiring startup founders
in Berlin and London, two of the world’s most vibrant startup hubs.

With Emerging eLab you can

  • Tap into the world of startups and find out if entrepreneurship is for you
  • Look for a business idea to nurture
  • Gain the knowledge and skills you need to appeal to a dynamic startup
  • Develop a pitch deck and business plan you can present to investors

With Advanced eLab you can

  • Get guidance and direction on your developed business idea
  • Grow and expand your recently launched startup
  • Make contacts and gain insights into Europe’s startup hot spots
  • Learn to evaluate your own company and negotiate with investors

The eLab Advantage


Our intensive programs go beyond academics. You get cutting-edge expertise from the best academic and business minds, and apply it right away, with a unique hands-on progression that nurtures essential skills and insights.


Dip into the energy coursing through Berlin and London. In these prime locations, you’ll learn from carefully selected entrepreneurs, startup founders, and mentors with industry experience. It’s an incredible opportunity to go behind the scenes with people who are living your dream now.


Work alongside forward-thinking peers (you might even meet your next business partner). Connect to CIEE’s global network, including knowledgeable CIEE staff at more than 60 locations. So many new resources to advance your vision!

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    Choose Your Program
    Our Emerging, Advanced, and Combo options make it easy to find the perfect fit. 


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    Choose Your Location
    Opt for six weeks in London or Berlin. Or, get six weeks in each city with Combo eLab.


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    Take charge of your future today, and get ready for a life-changing experience!


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Which eLab Program Is Right for You?

  • Emerging eLab

    See what startups are all about, and get the strongest foundation to join one or launch your own.

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  • Advanced eLab

    Scale and expand your young startup.

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What People Are Saying

  • “Entrepreneurship is the main driver of innovation, prosperity, and progress.  eLab will make an important contribution to promoting entrepreneurship and shaping a new entrepreneurial culture.”

    Entrepreneur Jens Gunter Greve, Berlin
  • “There are hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs to help and learnings to share to increase the odds of success for every entrepreneur, globally. eLab is a great place to start."

    Accelerator leader, Luni Libes, Seattle
  • “International education can be a critical foundational experience for an aspiring entrepreneur. It provides exposure to new markets, new businesses, and new ways of solving problems. Whether you end up working in the U.S. or globally, international education can transform your worldview and provide three things essential for any startup founder: resilience, openness to new ideas, and empathy.”

    Startup founder, Dahm Choi
  • “People have a lot of bright ideas but they need skills, organization, guidance - and confidence.”

    Startup founder, Phillip Brunnbauer
  • “If you go to Harvard, half the class is involved in a startup. If you don’t, you miss out on the close network of inspiring entrepreneurs, and all the information you need to set up a company.”

    eLab candidate, Oxana Aculici