Shaping Tomorrow’s Global Entrepreneurs


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With eLab, you build the foundation for entrepreneurial success:

  • Skills

  • Network

  • Confidence


At eLab, our goal is to encourage sustainable business ideas and support you to realize your dream.

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What eLab can do for you

eLab Emerge

Starting a startup is risky and time-consuming. With eLab Emerge, you save time and money in your entrepreneurial journey.

You will find team-mates, generate and test viable ideas, cultivate core business skills and come out with a comprehensive business plan. Gain insights into Europe’s startup hotspots, learn from and connect with the most renowned founders in the respective cities.

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eLab Advance

Startup growth is challenging to manage, expansion requires insider knowledge. With eLab Advance, you ease your growth journey and open doors to new markets.

You will get guidance and direction from qualified coaches and develop a sustainable scaling plan. Learn to evaluate your own company and negotiate with investors. Be prepared to be accepted by a top accelerator and to raise more money on better terms.

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Develop your business idea with eLab Emerge or Grow your startup with eLab Advance:

  • Babson approved workshop style program that teaches the essential skills of entrepreneurship in just 6 weeks
  • Hand selected, experienced instructors
  • Taught in English
  • Come out with your business plan,  pitch deck and certificate

Build a strong network with renowned founders, investors, mentors:

  • Successful founders as guest speakers
  • Navigate the local startup scene
  • Personal and team coachings

Make global connections:

  • Team up with like-minded peers from around the world
  • Go behind the scenes of one of the world’s leading startup hubs
  • Build  intercultural competencies

Offered in 2 of the world's leading started hubs, London and Berlin.




founders and  leading companies



What People Are Saying

  • “Entrepreneurship is the main driver of innovation, prosperity, and progress.  eLab will make an important contribution to promoting entrepreneurship and shaping a new entrepreneurial culture.”

    Entrepreneur Jens Gunter Greve, Berlin
  • “There are hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs to help and learnings to share to increase the odds of success for every entrepreneur, globally. eLab is a great place to start."

    Accelerator leader, Luni Libes, Seattle
  • “International education can be a critical foundational experience for an aspiring entrepreneur. It provides exposure to new markets, new businesses, and new ways of solving problems. Whether you end up working in the U.S. or globally, international education can transform your worldview and provide three things essential for any startup founder: resilience, openness to new ideas, and empathy.”

    Startup founder, Dahm Choi
  • “People have a lot of bright ideas but they need skills, organization, guidance - and confidence.”

    Startup founder, Phillip Brunnbauer
  • “If you go to Harvard, half the class is involved in a startup. If you don’t, you miss out on the close network of inspiring entrepreneurs, and all the information you need to set up a company.”

    eLab candidate, Oxana Aculici

Upcoming eLab Sessions

Term Start Date End Date Deadline
eLab 1 Jan 7 Feb 16 Missed Out
eLab 2 Feb 18 Mar 30 Dec 15
eLab 3 Apr 1 May 11 Jan 15


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Realizing your dream is more affordable than you think! 

We offer three types of scholarships. 

Founding Females | Global Innovators | Community Impact

Qualify, and save up to 50% off eLab program fees. 

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The application form requires you to register and will take approximately 20 minutes to complete, you will be able to save the application and resume at any time, we will require proof of ID, proof of degree, and an application fee of USD 50.


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