Academic Consortium Board

The Academic Consortium Board (ACB) represents the Consortium and upholds CIEE’s high standards of quality. The board includes 13 members plus one ex officio member who also sits on the CIEE governing board, and one board observer from CIEE’s School of Record. Members serve four-year terms with a limit of two consecutive terms. Responsibilities include meeting with CIEE: Council on International Educational Exchange staff, monitoring CIEE Study Center programs, and periodically evaluating programs and study centers.


ACB members attend three annual meetings, one of which is held virtually, and retreat every third year. The first meeting is held in March, the second virtually, in early fall, the third is held during the CIEE Annual Conference each November. The agenda typically includes governance discussions, program-evaluation reports, reviews of new programs put forth for approval, and updates from working groups. The retreat provides opportunities for board members and CIEE staff to discuss broader topics.


Regular monitoring of CIEE Study Center programs is one important way the ACB upholds CIEE’s standards for high quality. This process takes place each for each program, each term it runs.

ACB members examine and analyze programs by reviewing internal CIEE program reports, previous year’s monitoring reports, and previous site evaluation reports.

CIEE staff and board members review ACB monitoring feedback and suggestions and work together to evaluate areas of success and identify those that need attention. The ACB Executive Committee also reviews these, looking for trends that require further investigation. If additional attention is warranted, the ACB creates a working group to address these issues.


Periodic evaluations of study center sites and programs by ACB members are integral to ensuring CIEE maintains high academic quality standards. Evaluation reports are available to the Consortium to provide information to prospective students and sending institutions.

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    The CIEE Academic Consortium Board consists of 13 members that serve up to two four year terms. 

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