Economics of the Belgian Beer Industry

Brussels, Belgium

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With more than 2,000 years of brewing experience and home to more than 250 breweries, Belgium has earned its reputation as one of the best beer producers in the world. Lead your students into the realm of Belgian beer production to learn the science and art behind the beer industry and the cultural and economic impact of this revered beverage.

Beautiful, historic Brussels has become one of Europe’s must-see destinations because of its charm, trendy restaurants and nightclubs, shopping, museums, festivals, and more. The capital and largest city of Belgium is a mecca of fashion, art, design, and culture. Brussels diversity is reflected in its neighborhoods, restaurants, and languages. While French is the dominant language, Dutch (Flemish) and English are widely spoken. Because of this, Brussels does not necessarily provide the language immersion one might get in another, less multilingual location. For the same reason, students feel quickly at home.

Lectures & Site Visits


The Economics of the Belgian Beer Industry program in Brussels includes two guest lectures on topics such as:

  • Marketing and Advertising of the Beer Industry
  • The Economic Perspective of the Development and Evolution of the Beer Industry
  • Local Brewer in Development: A View from the Small Producer’s Perspective
  • Comparison of the AB InBev Empire to Small Crafters

Site Visits

Every CIEE Faculty-Led & Custom program is a unique combination of high-quality academics and co-curricular activities and excursions that offer real-world experiences to enhance classroom learning. Here are just a few of the possibilities for co-curricular activities and excursions in Brussels:

  • Get a historical overview of beer production and vintage brewing equipment with a study tour of Cantillon Brewery – a traditional family brewery housing the Brussels Museum of the Gueuze
  • Meet brewers striving for earth-friendly beer production practices with on-site study at the award winning Duvel Mortgat brewery
  • Discover the picturesque town of Leuven where universities and breweries form the heart of the city
  • Learn how Trappist monks came to rule the brewing business during an excursion to Chimay
  • Take an overnight trip to Ghent to visit brewers like De Halve Maan, Huyghe Brouwerj, and Rodenbach-Palm

What's Included

Every program is tailored to suit the needs of your academic goals – so every program is unique. But all programs include on-site orientation, 24/7 emergency support, in-country transportation, accommodations, some meals, classroom space, cultural and theme-related site visits, guest lectures, comprehensive insurance coverage and logistical support from our on-site CIEE staff. We also supply customized advertising materials and other valuable tools to help you get the world out to students.


Triple or quadruple occupancy hostels for students, single occupancy for faculty. Double occupancy hotel for students in Ghent, single occupancy hotel for faculty and staff in Ghent.


Welcome and farewell dinner, breakfast, three group lunches and one group dinner on excursion.


These “ready-to-run” programs are based on a duration of 2 weeks and a minimum of 15 students but can be customized to meet your specific needs.


Our No. 1 priority is keeping you and your students safe. With more than 70 years of experience creating safe, reliable, study abroad programs around the world, we have an excellent safety record. Each of our sites is regularly assessed using international risk management standards to make certain our programs can be safely and successfully run. In addition, your program includes the peace of mind of iNext medical insurance, the support of the CIEE staff members who are experts in international safety and security, and 24/7 emergency support in-country.