Madinat Jumeirah

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Kristine A.

On Thursday, January 3rd we toured the Madinat Jumeirah. We toured three different areas within this resort, each just as nice as the last. Each part of the resort we toured had a different style and vibe attached to it. Collectively this allowed anyone who stayed here to be very happy with where they were. At each of the hotels we had a separate tour guide to the tour, this ensured that we received the most accurate information about each one. All of the tour guides were very passionate about where they worked which made is very easy to listen and want to learn about where we were. The entire resort was located on the right off of the beach which made the view breathtaking. We started off our tour at Jumeirah Al Qasr and learned a lot about the sixty plus restaurants that are run within the resort. Each restaurant has their own staff and together there are more than three thousand staff. We toured one of the villas that are scattered throughout the resort. This allows for more of a private feel for guests who want to feel more secluded. Then went to the Souk Madinat Jumeriah. To get there we went on a water boat throughout a river that connects all of the resort. The boat drivers were very friendly and answered every question we had throughout the little trip, while pointing out interesting parts of the resort. Then we finished with Jumeirah Al Naseem, this is the newest and most modern part of the resort. This part of the resort is also the closest to the Burj Al Arab. I personally found this one the most interesting to learn about. While touring the restaurants and lobby our tour guide also showed us some of the back office area. This was a different perspective from the rest of the tour. I found this tour very helpful and beneficial. One thing that surprised me was that there is a separate check in and check out area to reduce traffic and make the process flow more smoothly. The resort as a whole is very high class and upscale. This was by far the nicest and most expensive resort I have ever seen. Since this was the first hotel we toured the whole trip it made me very excited to see what else the hotels in Dubai had to offer. It was fun to compare the differences and similarities of the resort to that of resorts in the United States. I found that in Dubai everyone was more focused on hospitality and the needs of the customer. It was interesting learning about how employees are paid in Dubai a lot of employees get a bonus based on their performance. This offers them an incentive to work to the best of their ability. This was really a once in a lifetime experience and I am very grateful I was a part of it. I learned so much about a different culture and it was made very easy by having Rawya who was such an open and friendly tour guide.

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