Beijing: Sustainability

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Students divide their time between the capital city of Beijing and a rural village in the Guizhou province. The program explores China’s role in global-scale environmental, cultural, and economic sustainability issues, approaching these issues from both anthropological and artistic perspectives.

As the capital of the world’s most-populous nation, Beijing is at the center of activity in China and a reflection China’s long and evolving history. In addition to being the political and cultural center of China, Beijing is known as the birthplace of Chinese cinema and modern art and home to the largest concentration of top research institutions in China.

There’s no shortage of wonders for students to take in: The Great Wall, Forbidden City, and Summer Palace offer insight to China’s past while skyscrapers and shopping districts foretell its quest as an economic powerhouse. Alongside their peers from Chinese universities, students explore the full spectrum of Chinese business – from street vendor to internet conglomerates.

Students examine the juxtaposition of vibrant economic activity alongside the Temple of Heaven and walk the paths taken by the Sons of Heaven as they made sacrifices to uphold the celestial order.

Program Highlights

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3 weeks

Week 1: Beijing

  • Welcome dinner and orientation to the country, safety and security
  • Survival Chinese language sessions throughout the week
  • Lectures on history, culture, sustainability, and consumption
  • Visit to Tiananmen Square
  • Visit various temples to discuss role of Buddhism, Confucianism, Legalism + Civil Service in China

Week 2: Province of Guizhou

  • A lecture on rural living
  • Visit to a landfill site
  • Lunch with host families in a local village
  • Community engagement activities with local villagers
  • Visit with local entrepreneurs of rural industry sector
  • Visit to a scenic waterfall area

Week 3: Beijing

  • Guest lecture on land policy and preserving cultural heritage in China
  • Great Wall sunrise hike
  • Classroom space for final group projects and discussion
  • Ending celebration and farewell dinner


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