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  • January in Barcelona

    Barcelona, Spain

    Spend J-term exploring international marketing or the arts in the culture-filled capital of Catalonia.

  • January in Berlin

    Berlin, Germany

    Study Holocaust Studies or Entrepreneurship and Start-up Culture in Europe

  • January in Cape Town

    Cape Town, South Africa

    Spend J-term in the stunningly beautiful city of Cape Town exploring either South African history from Rhodes to Mandela or the economics of South Africa’s wine industry.

  • January in Paris

    Paris, France

    Discover Paris's rich past and vibrant present with CIEE this January!

  • January in Rio de Janeiro

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    $950 for Jan 2020

    Spend J-term studying Business Ethics and Leadership in this dynamic metropolis.

  • January in Amsterdam

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Spend J-term in the progressive city of Amsterdam exploring the city’s public health policies or gender, race, and popular culture in the Netherlands.

  • January in Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    $950 for Jan 2020

    Tango. From the City Margins to the World

  • January in Copenhagen

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Copenhagen in January

    Spend winter break studying Gender and Sexuality in Denmark’s vibrant capital.

  • January in Dublin

    Dublin, Ireland

    Discover firsthand the intricacies of Irish Culture, Society, and Identity.

  • January in Kyoto

    Kyoto, Japan

    kyoto japan, winter, village

    Experience all that Kyoto has to offer while learning about Japanese culture and furthering your studies in humanities and social sciences with coursework taught in English.

  • January in Legon

    Legon, Ghana

    Study Culture and Reproductive Health in this extraordinary West African country.

  • January in London

    London, England

    See how London’s influential culture impacts Europe and the world

    Gain an in-depth understanding of Terrorism, Security, and Policing in the Metropolitan City, or Contemporary British Theatre.

  • January in Prague

    Prague, Czech Republic

    Explore the fascinating connection between psychology and art during J-term in Prague.

  • January in Rome

    Rome, Italy

    Gain insight into Italian food, nutrition, and culture

  • January in Seville

    Seville, Spain

    Experience the art, festivals and traditions

    Spend J-term in the charming city of Seville studying the history of Jews, Christians, and Muslims in Spanish culture.