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  • International Business + Culture

    Seville, Spain

    Absorb Spain’s unique culture

    Absorb Spain’s unique culture

  • January in Barcelona

    Barcelona, Spain

    Spend J-term exploring international marketing or the arts in the culture-filled capital of Catalonia.

  • January in Berlin

    Berlin, Germany

    Study Holocaust Studies or Entrepreneurship and Start-up Culture in Europe

  • January in Cape Town

    Cape Town, South Africa

    Spend J-term in the stunningly beautiful city of Cape Town exploring South African history.

  • January in Paris

    Paris, France

    Discover Paris's rich past and vibrant present with CIEE this January!

  • January in Sydney

    Sydney, Australia


    Study abroad in Sydney for an in-depth look at international business and marketing.

  • Language + Culture

    Lisbon, Portugal

    AACSB Accredited

    Launch your exploration of Portuguese culture and history

  • Language + Culture

    Barcelona, Spain

    The Catalan capital of Barcelona overflows with opportunities

  • Liberal Arts

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    People travel from all over the globe to dip into the cultural treasures here

  • Middle East Studies

    Amman, Jordan

    The metropolitan city of Amman is the perfect place to explore Middle Eastern Studies.

  • Open Campus Block

    Madrid, Spain

    Our Open Campus Block program allows you to start studying in Madrid, then study in two other countries in one term.