Intern in Toronto

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Explore Toronto, Canada

Canada’s economic capital and largest city, Toronto is home to the fastest growing financial center in the G7. One of the most dynamic, yet livable cities in North America, Toronto offers arts, film festivals, professional sports, and world-class food that draws from traditions near and far. From healthcare to human services, international business to communications, you’ll have no trouble finding an internship that suits you and your professional goals!

Every CIEE Global Internship program has multiple academic activities and excursions to enhance classroom and workplace learning and facilitate immersion in the community. In Toronto, past excursions and outings have included:

  • Exploring Canada’s scenic coastline in Ontario
  • Experiencing the city’s rich performing arts scene by visiting museums and shows
  • Breathing in Toronto’s fresh air and green gardens throughout the city landscape
  • Traveling to see the infamous Niagara Falls

Intern in Toronto