Study Abroad in Senegal

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The Republic of Senegal, which achieved independence in 1960 after more than a century of French colonial rule, is arguably one of the most democratic countries in West Africa. Although French is the country’s official language and Wolof the predominant language, other languages are spoken by the country’s multiethnic population, which is more than 90 percent Muslim.

Spend a semester engaged in development studies, a year studying language and culture, or gain multiple perspectives in Francophone studies splitting a summer between Paris and the capital city of Dakar. Enjoy cultural centers, theaters, and a wide variety of restaurants and nightclubs in Dakar, a city famous for its lively intellectual life and rich socio-cultural landscape that draw from both Africa and the West.

With homestays, language peers, cultural activities and weekend excursions to rural areas, CIEE study abroad in Senegal offers you a uniquely immersive international experience.

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What People are Saying

  • "Simple and organized-- I was aware of all aspects of the trip at all times, including what was required of me and what I should expect."

    Student, Summer 2018
  • "I have had an incredible experience with CIEE this summer. Every CIEE employee I've met is exceptionally kind, helpful, and dynamic. I have had some fantastic and life-changing experiences as a result of CIEE."

    Student, Summer 2018
  • "I had an amazing time on these excursions and events. The trip to Gorée Island and the weekend at Toubab Dialaw were both completely new and eye-opening experiences."

    Student, Summer 2018