Study Abroad in Hungary

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A city of approximately two million, Budapest is an architectural gem straddling the Danube River. As Hungary’s capital, it is the administrative, business, educational, and cultural center of the country. The city retains a turn-of-the-century feel and boasts excellent public transportation systems; theaters, opera, concert halls, museums, and cinemas; thermal and medicinal baths and swimming pools; and a variety of restaurants and nightlife. And you’ll have access to it all with CIEE.

Whether you spend a semester or a full year studying abroad, we offer a wide range of courses from Cultural Studies and Art History to Economics, Hungarian Language and Political Science. And with homestays, volunteering options and a four-day study tour to rural villages in Transylvania, Romania, CIEE study abroad in Hungary gives you a truly immersive experience in one of Europe’s most unique, ethnically diverse regions.

Study Abroad Programs in Hungary

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