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  • Magic at The Koriko Cafe
    By Deanna C.
    Studio Ghibli fans who arrive in Seoul will definitely not want to miss out on this lovely place! Located in Yeonnam, a short walk from the bus stop and through...keep reading
    Going Solo
    By Kanika K.
    I’ll be honest. My entire life until I came to Seoul, I have never been on a solo trip. I have always traveled in groups, whether it’s with my family...keep reading
    Food, Food, Food <3
    By Deanna C.
    Something interesting I’ve observed since being here is the change of attitude I’ve had towards eating. Now don’t get me wrong, I have always loved a good meal and can...keep reading
  • Dancing, Dancing, Dancing
    By Deanna C.
    As someone who loves dancing, especially hip-hop, I essentially grew up watching lots and lots of dance videos online before being able to attend any studio classes myself. One of...keep reading

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