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In-Person Class at Yonsei!
By Jacklin K.
While many schools in the US have transitioned back into in-person learning, the university experience at Yonsei still remains largely online (as of Spring semester 2022). Some universities in Seoul,...keep reading
  • Focus On… Cherry Blossoms
    By David A B.
    It’s the most wonderful time of the year- well for cherry blossoms that is. The first time I had ever seen them in any form was in anime. The characters...keep reading
  • Focus On…Whenever,Wherever
    By David A B.
    Whenever or Wherever you are there comes a time where you must quell the primal feeling of hunger. The sensation of some primordial force begins slowly welling up in you...keep reading
  • Focus On… A Dash of Love
    By David A B.
    Last week I tried to give you a glimpse into the various mouth watering foods I’ve had the privilege of eating during my time in Seoul. However, in order for...keep reading
  • Focus On…KakaoTalk
    By David A B.
    “That’s what friends are for”. I often find myself saying that phrase when I think I’ve done an action a friend would do. Having been here for officially a month...keep reading
  • Focus On…Melanin
    By David A B.
    INTERIOR. LOTTE WORLD AMUSEMENT PARK- DAY A group of students in highschool and college make their way through a never ending line to get to the Paris Revolution roller coaster...keep reading

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