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  • Our Fall 2018 Video!
    By Harry L.
    CIEE Tanzania is big on immersive, real-world experiences. It's hard to capture that in a blog post, or in a photo. Our students from last semester made this wonderful video...keep reading
  • Home (Iringa)
    By Virginia T.
    I was recently talking to my parents about the logistics of my journey back home and my father asked me “When do you leave home (Iringa)?” I quickly replied “Never!”...keep reading
  • Being Sick in Rural Tanzania
    By Holly M.
    Today, I returned to Iringa from Kidete, a small village located in the Mufindi district of Tanzania. My experiences there with my community and family have been some of the...keep reading
  • Life in Ludilo
    By Jewell H.
    Nimeshiba = i'm full Kamwene = (kihehe greeting) Umeamkaje= how did you sleep (directly translating to 'how did you wake up?') Umependeza= you look nice Nimechanganyikiwa = im confused Sielewi...keep reading
  • Hello from Ludilo!!
    By Lucy G.
    Hello!!! Coming to you from the village of Ludilo this week!! Boy so much has happened since we last chatted. I’m not even sure if I will get enough service...keep reading
  • Zanzibar
    By Jewell H.
    Here's to another week living the dream! After putting in so much work in our classes we have reached the part of school everybody looks forward to… break. I present...keep reading

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