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  • Kazan: In the Heart of Tatarstan
    By Grace K.
    On a chilly Friday night in Moscow our group boarded a Russian sleeper car for the second time. Our destination? Kazan, Russia's sixth-largest city, and the capital of Tatarstan. We...keep reading
  • Sleepless in St Petersburg
    By Sarai D.
    After spending a month in Moscow studying and absorbing the atmosphere, it was time to be tourists again. The last weekend of September, we went to St Petersburg to see...keep reading
  • First Impressions
    By Sarai D.
    Well, it’s been a whirlwind of a first week! From the moment I touched down in Moscow on Saturday afternoon, I don’t think I’ve stopped moving! My first chance to...keep reading
  • CIEE St. Petersburg Fall 2017
    By College Study Abroad at CIEE
    As decades change, tides shift, and even the country’s and the city’s names may as well become history, it remains true that for CIEE students, studying abroad in Saint Petersburg...keep reading
  • St. Petersburg Academic Highlights
    By College Study Abroad at CIEE
    How does a study abroad endeavor differ from a touristic adventure? In addition to the opportunity for language advancement, studying at CIEE allow students to examine different aspects of culture,...keep reading

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