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  • Mont St. Michel: Some Time to Travel
    By CIEE Rennes at CIEE
    I think the question I find the most difficult in all the world is “What’s your favorite movie?” It’s not that I can’t find the response. On the contrary, the...keep reading
  • French fashion / shopping
    By CIEE Rennes at CIEE
    I guess I had a greater excuse than most to go shopping in France. When I got off the plane at Charles de Gaulle after my long overnight flight, I...keep reading
  • Teaching assistantship experience
    By CIEE Rennes at CIEE
    When I began dreaming about my ideal study abroad program, I knew that spending time in a classroom, interacting with children would be a priority. I saw a French classroom...keep reading
  • My Experience in Rennes
    By CIEE Rennes at CIEE
    I had traveled abroad before but only for about a month at a time, usually during the summer, so actually living in another country was something very unfamiliar to me...keep reading
  • Reflections in Normandy
    By CIEE Rennes at CIEE
    As I stepped out onto the boardwalk overlooking the English Channel beaches, I hesitated to look down. All morning I had filled my mind with the gruesome images of one...keep reading
  • Living with a French Family
    By CIEE Rennes at CIEE
    I know what you’re thinking, because I was thinking the same thing. As if being in a new country surrounded by an unfamiliar language and culture isn’t enough, how about...keep reading
    The French language
    By CIEE Rennes at CIEE
    Cultural immersion should be a pretty straight-forward concept. One is being immersed in a culture. Perfect. Makes sense. But there’s a very big difference between theoretically thinking about cultural immersion...keep reading
  • Night Life in Rennes
    By CIEE Rennes at CIEE
    After being in Rennes for month, I have noticed the abundant number of restaurants, bars and cafés in Rennes. While Rennes has a thriving night life, if you are someone...keep reading

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