Yucatán’s Global Institute Opens its Colonial Doors to Students

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CIEE Global Institute – Yucatán opened its renovated doors to students earlier this year in Mérida, the capital and largest city on the Yucatán Peninsula. Mérida is also the cultural capital of the peninsula, filled with architectural remnants of its colonial and Mayan past in addition to museums, cathedrals, and a main plaza where cultural events take place year-round.

“This beautiful historic building is the perfect home base for students to explore all that the Yucatán Peninsula has to offer – the ancient Maya civilization, the incredible geography, and wonderful tropical climate,” said Karla Zarco, Director of the Global Institute.

The building is located near Santa Ana Park, one of the many beautiful parks in the city and surrounded by museums, boutiques, and touristic attractions. It is walking distance from Paseo Montejo, Mérida's main street, which is lined with colorful 18th-century colonial buildings. In addition to five classrooms, the new Global Institute has a well-equipped physics lab, meeting room, student lounge, and kitchenette and a central garden with palms and a fountain that lends a relaxing vibe.

The location is ideal for students pursuing STEM studies as the Yucatán Peninsula boasts more than 90,000 miles of tropical jungles and coastline. It is one of the richest biodiverse regions in the country and home to more than 1,000 native tree species and endangered species like the white-lipped peccary, tapir, scarlet, macaw, harpy eagle, and howler monkey.

The Global Institute – Yucatán is part of CIEE’s worldwide network of Global Institutes offering the Open Campus Block program which allows students to study in up to three different cities in one semester. Global Institute locations include: Berlin, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Copenhagen, London, Madrid, Monteverde, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Santiago, Shanghai, Singapore, and Sydney.

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