Why Not? - Written by Annie Mazzola

Authored by:
Melinda Pap

Budapest, Hungary is not the most mainstream destination to spend a semester abroad. So shockingly enough, I am no stranger to the many unexpected looks and why’s when I share my new home for the next 4 months. But is not the why I am focused on, it is the why not. Why not pack up my bags and move halfway across the world to a country and culture completely unknown to myself and so many others? Why not surround myself with people completely different than me in almost every facet of life? And why not take complete advantage of this opportunity head on. As a kid, I always dreamt that my first trip to Europe would take place in a glamorous Italian villa, not necessarily a hostel in eastern central Europe. While I know this semester will come with challenges, I am mentally preparing for these because they will be a testament to how I am pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone. I have currently been in Budapest for 2 weeks and have faced some pretty discouraging days and also some of the most amazing days of my life. Being thrown into a culture that is so extremely different from your own can be a little tough sometimes (more details on this to come). But it really makes you think. Think about your own happiness, finding happiness in some nonconventional ways, and to really appreciating the little things. Every day I discover something new about Budapest that confirms my leap of faith in coming here. I still am in awe I get to live and experience not only Budapest, but Europe for the next 4 months.

February 13, 2019 



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