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John G.

John G.

During the first week of May, my friends and decided to be impulsive. I mean, very IMPULSIVE! We booked flights to Jeju Island on Sunday night and flew on Monday. We don't regret the decision because it was totally worth it! There's no better place than Jeju, the Hawaii of Korea, to spend a week with Children's day (orini nal).  

Jeju has such astonishing nature attractions including but not limited to hills, cliffs, islands, waterfalls. My friends and I kept saying "Wow" everywhere we visited. Even though I am not a photogenic person but I couldn't stop taking photos! By the way, it was worth it to carry my drone all the way from home to Korea, because I finally made it to fly and get some bird view photos!!!

The highlight of the trip is our visit to the "Jungmun Daepo Coast Jusangjeolli Cliff-중문 대포 주상절리대". This is a naturally formed cliff attraction and closes at 17:40. We arrived there at 17:39, the staff auntie were shouting, calling us to buy the tickets before the admission close. We bought our ticket and got into the park exactly at 17:40. Turned out it is a JACKPOT, the view is STUNNING! I took out my camera and filmed videos in 4k & 60P quality! I took out my drone and took so many bird view photos until all my three batteries were dead. After this trip, I also spent 4 hours editing the photos I took. 

One more thing! We went to a cafe next to Seongsan ilchulbong (성산 일출봉). I know there are so many cafes in Korea which you might get tired of hearing them; BUT! Here is a cafe with a staircase that you can take awesome photos! It is similar to the staircase in the K-Drama 천국의계단. The photos are aesthetic! 

I hope my blog shows you the beauty of Jeju Island, yet I wish you can visit there sometime in the future very soon! Don't forget to try the Jeju mandarin orange (한라봉). 


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