Where do I live in Iringa? All you need to know about RUCU’s dorms

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Harry L.

Harry L.

A question we commonly get from prospective applicants to our program is about the living quarters in Iringa. While they’re in Iringa, students stay at our host university, Ruaha Catholic University, in their dorms. Rooms are a comfortable size, with large windows looking out over Iringa. They’re private, with doors that lock properly, providing a secure space for your belongings. Most students can watch the sun set from their window. (See above for pictures!)

The CIEE program provides all the necessary bedding, furniture, and equipment our students need to function in the dorms. (A highly valued item is the kettle used to boil water for showers—more on that in a moment!) Tanzania is a very different place from the US and its college dorms are likewise very different from what you’ll get in the States. The bathroom showers only have cold water available. If you want to have a hot water shower, you’ll need to put the water in your kettle, boil it, and then mix it with cold water in a bucket to give yourself a warm-water bucket shower.

Most students choose to do their laundry on the weekend, since it is done by hand. In my experience, the best way to do it is to find some great music to listen to, get up early on a Sunday morning, and finish the chore as quickly as possible! It certainly gave me a new appreciation for the value of washing machines…

Although dorm life here can be very different from the States, it’s really a fun adventure, an opportunity to see what it’s like to be a college student on the other side of the world. Karibuni wote! (Welcome all in Kiswahili)

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