weekend in cape town

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Emmelia L.

Before leaving for study abroad I really didn’t know what to expect. Every country and program is different and so I didn’t want to come with strong expectations, and instead wanted to see what happened when I arrived. I leave in 4 days and have spent the last month in Cape Town. It feels like it passed by very quickly but when I look back on it so much has happened and I have learned so much. I have experienced both the beauty and culture of a city very different from my own, I have made wonderful friends, and my classes have enriched my experience.

Classes do take up a portion of my week but they were more than manageable and I did not feel like they were holding me back from experiencing the city. The program I was in had Fridays off. My friends and I took advantage of this last weekend and spent part of the day at Muizenberg beach and then went on a sunset champagne cruise. As the summer for the U.S.A. is South Africa’s winter, the water was far too cold for me to want to go in. I managed to ignore this a little and go in the water some, to get wonderful pictures, and to lay on the beach and have fun.

The champagne cruise was a much larger group and was a highlight of my trip, only two people from our cohort were missing. We all got to talk while enjoying the beauty of cape town and seeing the city from a different perspective. It also gave me a chance to reflect on the trip and how much we had all grown both together and as individuals.


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