Want to Get in Your Steps? Rio is Waiting!

Not that you should ever consider “getting your steps in” when choosing your study abroad location! But, if among the many qualities your destination happens to offer, is an easy ten-thousand-a-day, put Rio on your list.

Surrounded by mountainous outcroppings, the city of Rio de Janeiro is filled with opportunities to climb, climb, climb. Consider a stop-over at Corcovado Mountain to see the world-famous Christ the Redeemer statue. Many choose to walk or bike the 2,300 feet up the mountain for an unforgettable view of both the statue and the surrounding city of Rio. For those that don’t, there’s still some two hundred steps (aka 15 flights) required to reach the base of the statue. 

Just a hop, skip, and a few dozen jumps from Christ the Redeemer are the Selaron Steps in the Lapas district. At your pleasure are 215 colorfully tiled steps ready to climb. Have at it! Get your heart rate up, learn about the man who created this masterpiece, and take-in some fascinating history of Rio. (BTW - this may turn out to be one of the first crowd-funded sites in the history of crowdfunding.)

No tour of Rio is complete without a quick tour of the world’s largest urban forest! Thankfully Tijunca offers an easy “student walk” that takes just 30 or so minutes. After a sweep by a stunning waterfall, it ends with an explanation of why Brazil was named Brazil. No spoiler here. Get your steps in and find out firsthand!


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