Vintage Shopping in Brussels

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Ludovica Pinci

Ludovica Pinci

I’ve been in Brussels for about a month. One of the great things about Brussels is its hidden treasures. There’s so much to do and see if you know where to look. One of my favorite things to do here is go to the vintage markets. Brussels is a great place to find unique pieces of clothing, jewelry, and whatever else you could ever want.

I went to an event called the Vintage per Kilo by Central Station. It was a pop-up vintage shop in the Horta Gallery. It’s a really unique experience looking for great second hand European pieces in an art gallery! It also made it so much easier to find great souvenirs I can wear constantly while also acclimating to the European sense of style. The best part was that you got to pay according to the weight. You end up paying much less for some great clothing!

Another favorite place of mine is the monthly vintage market that takes place in Place Saint-Géry on the first Sunday of every month.

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A main staple of Brussels, this building transforms into a huge store while also housing a popular drinking spot for those who are too tired to keep shopping. There was a great mix of designer pieces, jewelry, shoes, purses, hair accessories and even things like old vinyl records! I found an old Michael Jackson cassette tape for 5 euros! While it seems like there is already so much to see on the first two floors, make sure not to forget about the basement level which houses an enormous range of clothing. Because of the market’s commitment to empowering artistry, there were numerous vendors who each had their own distinctive style. There was a woman who made origami inspired jewelry and had beautiful crane shaped earrings. I happened to buy a ring from a Scandinavian jeweler while I was there and it’s become one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. ​

If that wasn’t already enough, Brussels hosts numerous markets every week as well as has many thrift stores such as Les petits riens. You’ll be sure to find your next favorite buy!

(Credits to our ALA student Jaisree)

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