Two Apps I Use To Meet Locals

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Omar C.

Whenever I travel,  I believe it is imporant to meet and engage with locals from the area to helpe enrich the experience and to introduce me to places that Google doesn't even know about. How do I often do this? By swiping my fingers left and right. 

One app that I use to connect with locals is `HelloTalk', this app is good for those who are intrested in learning languages and want to find potential conversation partners.  On this app, you create an account by putting your native language and a target languge, you even have the option of choosing to connect with people in certain regions, specific gender, and you are able to list up to three languages you are interested in learning or teaching. 

Another app I have used to connect with locals is....Tinder, the world's most recognzized dating app. Though this app is primarily used for seeking love interests, it has allowed me to meet a lot of locals who  have shown me around the city, helped me learn the lannguage, and even introduced me to their friends. To ensure you are not giving the wrong idea to those seeking anything more than a friendship, clearly state your intentions in your bio! You will find many people who have will be interested in exposing you to places in the town, the best restaurants, places to shop, and teach you about the social context.

If you are considering meeting locals online, reframe from doing anything that you would not do in your own country. If considering meeting someone in person, meet in public places and take friends if possible. Remember, If you would not bring a stanger to your home in your home country, definetly do NOT do it in India, or anywhere for that matter. 

Stay safe!

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