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College Study Abroad

The livin’ is easy

Summer is here and it’s the perfect time for a change of scenery. Why not grab a few credits abroad? CIEE offers three 4-week summer sessions where you take just one class per session (a bit less demanding than your usual 5-course semester!) Intensive 8-week programs are also available for students who really want to dive in. Choose the session(s) that work(s) best for you and be sure to bring your backpack! You may decide to add some sightseeing to your trip!

Get out and explore

CIEE has summer programs in more than 40 amazing cities around the world. Can’t decide on one? Good news! You can travel to a new location after each session! Imagine, studying fine art in Rome, international business in Barcelona, and British theater in London. Or if you truly want to immerse yourself in a country’s culture, spend the entire summer in one city. 

It won’t break the bank

Summer study abroad is among the most budget friendly options for students. Programs are nearly 5x cheaper than semester programs, and there’s an automatic 20% savings on your second session when you enroll in more than one session. CIEE also offers scholarships, and if you’re Pell eligible, money toward travel costs. Just fill out the quick and easy Scholarship and Grants application to apply!

Something for everyone

No matter what your field of study, you’ll find credit-earning classes to help you stay on track for graduation! Whether it’s business, communications, foreign language, health studies, humanities, political science, STEM, or sustainability, there’s a program for you. Keep up with your coursework and explore the world!

Sunny summer skies

From the silky-smooth beaches of Alicante to the lush Cloud Forest Reserve in Monteverde, study abroad and spend your summer in style. Pack your sunscreen and treat yourself to a walking-tour of East London’s street art scene, a peaceful moment in a Zen garden in Tokyo, or a relaxing swim in the Hungarian Sea.  

Summer = festivals!

Did you know some of the biggest, can’t-miss festivals are held during the summer? Imagine yourself… 

  • Dancing with friends at the world-famous Glastonbury Festival
  • Watching the parade of floats at the Aomori Nebuta Matsuri Festival
  • Experiencing the spectacle of White Nights in St. Petersburg, Russia

Don’t settle for the same old summer routine! Take it up a notch or two with an incredible CIEE summer study abroad program!

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