Spots to visit for book lovers in South Korea

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Kasey G.

Starfield Library 

This Library is a very famous spot in Korea.  In the Coex mall in Ganam you can see the Starfield Library with books shelved floor to cieling. This library was one of my favorite things to see and a great place to take pictures. Make sure to take the escalator to the second floor. That was my favorite view of the library. Additionally, there is a cafe and some desks on the secound floor. If you want to try studying somewhere new, grab a coffee and study surrounded by thousands of books with the natural light, glass ceiling shining on you. 

Arc n' Books

Arc n' Books is a chain bookstore. One is located in the Lotte World mall. The interior of the bookstore is sleek and includes a cafe to read or look at books. the white lit arches are nice to take pictures under. Additionally the bookstore has a variety of stationary and other gifts. I think this is a great place to check out Korean books and they also have books on learning Korean. You can also visit the Arc n Books Headquarters if you really loves bookstores!

Itaewon Foreigner Bookstore 

This is a true gem for book lovers. This tiny, used bookstore is right next to the famous Itaewon bridge. You might miss it if you don't look hard enough. This shop might be tiny and not have air conditioning, but you can find some of the most interesting books in many different languages. Itaewon has a large foreign population.  Not to mention, many of these used books are antiques. My friend Vita got books that were published as early as 1906. From Junie B. Jones to books on Russian economics. You can find books in almost any language and any subject. This is also a great place to take pictures. Moving between the isles is a tight squeeze but you really never know what you'll find.

Nami Island 

Lastly, Nami Island is a great excursion for many reasons. However, it is known for it's childrens book competition. When you enter the island. there is a giant sculpture of a stack of books! You can also see art work that thousands have submitted from all around the world to be in Nami Island's childrens book competition. The art gallery is near the back of the island.  Additionally, the island has a book cafe and children's book museum. The cafe surrounds you with books as you drink your tea or coffee. You can also find a huge book arch with a fox sitting on top of the book shelf. This is a part of the Nami Island roller coaster and is also a great picture area. 

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