Signature Project: Back to the 00's

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Arina Vlasova

Have you ever considered travelling back in time? In case you have, our center is glad to provide you with this opportunity in a form of the Signature Project!

Signature Project is a very special CIEE St. Petersburg study center initiative launched in 2010. It is aimed at familiarizing students with specific decades of Soviet and Russian history. While participating in various activities, dedicated to a certain decade, our students are learning about the culture, political environment, music, and everyday life of Russia. This year, we didn’t go too far away from the present: the theme of the project was the glorious decade of the 2000’s. At that time, Russia, shaken by changes in the state system and the whole life in general, was trying to stabilize the situation. Western culture, goods, and people poured into the country in an even greater stream, combining with a rise of Russian internet and social network culture.

Continuing a good tradition of the past years, the Signature Project ended with a Final Signature Project Concert where both Russian and American students had a chance to submerge into sweet nostalgia and listen to the most popular musical hits of 00’s. To make this happen, CIEE students, center staff, and our Russian buddies got together and, well, absolutely rocked that night! The concert contained several intermissions, during which everyone had a chance to participate in a quiz or a best 2000’s costume contest and get a sweet prize. Another exciting portion of our Signature Project was that the CIEE Moscow students and staff were able to visit St. Petersburg and have fun at our concert together with their peers and colleagues. We wish it happened more often!

The performance consisted of the three main parts. During the first part of the performance, Matt Gerasimovich (George Washington University), Cameron Lallana (University of California), Valerie Perry (Lewis & Clark College), and Angus Salisbury (College of Charleston) under the leadership of Anton Stepanov (CIEE Program Officer), truly shined on the stage. 

Left to right: Valerie Perry, Cameron Lallana, Angus Salisbury, Anton Stepanov

The acoustic part, featuring Arina Vlasova (CIEE Student Services Assistant)Anton Stepanov (CIEE Program Officer)Oksana Kusik, (CIEE Russian volunteer), and Valerie Perry (Lewis & Clark College), touched the audience’s hearts with gentle harmonies and emotional singing. The third part was the time for dancin’ and groovin’: several Russian songs were performed by Aleksandra Antipova (CIEE Russian volunteer), accompanied by two members of the staff mentioned above and two invited musicians. Right after all of the performances have ended, everyone had some more time to dance and enjoy the rest of the evening.

There is one thing we know for sure: this Signature Project is definitely not the last one! Stay tuned and watch us hop across different timelines once again!

С наилучшими пожеланиями,

CIEE St. Petersburg

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