Searching for Johnny Suh

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Shari S.

Shari S.

Searching for Johnny Suh

Last weekend, my friend Lindsey and I went on an adventure to visit some of our favorite kpop companies. If you know anything about me, you would know that NCT is my favorite kpop group of all time (nctizens unite). They are also Lindsey's favorite, so they were our first priority. 


SM Entertainment decided that they no longer wished for me to be happy, and closed the SMTOWN exhibit before I had arrived in Korea. And surprisingly, SM didn't have much to offer as far as things for current fans to visit. But that wasn't going to stop us from attempting to get a peak at any place in the company.

NCT is made up of four sub units (NCT 127, NCT Dream, NCT U, and WayV), with a total 23 members. Yeah, I know, it sounds crazy pants. And it is a little. Nevertheless, I am very committed to all the members and know my trivia pretty well. Haechan is my absolute bias (love you babe), but he doesn't speak english. So, coming to SM and feeding into my Y/N fantasies, I knew that it was unrealistic to expect to run into Haechan and have him madly fall in love with me if we weren't able to communicate. So I decided to not be crazy pants... and instead set my sights on a member of NCT who did in fact speak english. 

Johnny Suh.

Johnny is one of NCT's handful of "foreign" members. He is Korean American, born and raised in Chicago. So with my carefully chosen outfit (simple yet flattering), freshly washed hair (coconut curls), and nonchalant effortlessly cool personality (with a script carefully practiced and memorized), I felt ready to meet this man and make him love me.

Spoiler Alert: We didn't find Johnny.

Turns out, SM is kind of innacessible. We made our way to the building and took some time to find the SM sign. You can see it tiny in one of the pictures above. You also can't go into the building (we briefly thought about sneaking up and feigning confused foreigner, but the body guards looked scary). So we ended up just poking around the area, grabbing lunch, and carefully watching to see if there were any boys who looked like they were trying too hard to be incognito. 

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