Saying Goodbye

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Joy M.

Joy M.

As my time in South Korea is coming to an end, I've been having difficulty processing how to say goodbye and who to say goodbye to. So with this final blog, here are a couple of things I want to say goodbye to. 

Goodbye to…Yeonnam 

Yeonnam has my heart and soul; I cannot leave this small town as it is filled with too many memories and love. As I walk the streets of Yeonnam, I am overwhelmed with nostalgia; it was the first area I explored outside of Sinchon. Now, I simply come here for study sessions, a quick lunch, and to enjoy social gatherings. A special shoutout and goodbye to my favorite cafe: Sleeping Forest

Goodbye to…CU: Good to see you

No one would have imagined how vital a simple corner store would be in the daily lives of college students. Whether we need a quick breakfast to start the day or a destressing late evening with drinking games and deep discussions, the CU has seen us at the best and worst. There isn't a day when I don't pay a visit and grab a bottle of banana milk. 

Goodbye to…Yonsei University 

It has always been my dream to study at Yonsei University. I can vividly remember the various Youtube videos and vlogs of previous students. The excitement that would stir up because I would be living that life. Experiencing student life at Yonsei University has been rewarding. I enjoyed the walks on campus, exploring numerous buildings, and the cheap but delicious meals. Life as a Yonsei Student was beyond what I had imagined. 

Goodbye to…CIEE

Life in South Korea would not have been as easy and amazing if it weren't for the CIEE program and staff. I have been highly grateful for the numerous activities set up by the program and the chance to meet my Korean friends through Seoul Mates and Yecco Buddies. Extremely thankful to the advisors for being on call 24/7 to help us through any and every issue we came across. 

Goodbye to…My Friends

Last but not least, with a heavy heart, goodbye to my friends. It is very heartbreaking to see everyone go home, yet amazing to know I have friends from all parts of the globe. Although we have cried to each other and pledged to meet again, it still doesn't feel real that we lived a shared experience and now must return home. While I carry our memories home and continue to cherish our friendship, I will be counting down until we meet again. 


It is always hard to say goodbye to the places and people you've developed a love for. But I'd like to believe that saying goodbye only allows us to meet again. So as we say in Hmong, sib ntsib dua, see you again. 


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