Reviving Argentina´s History

Authored by:
Natalia Nadal

Natalia Nadal


By Professor Bruno Nunes


Last November 7th Global Students who take  Political Parties and Identity in Latin America  GI course and Professor Bruno  Nunes visited the National Historical Museum to analyze some of Argentina and Latin America's origins and history through art and historical artefacts. Paintings of the region's ethnic blending and formation, together with other kinds of arts and objects of liberators like San Martín, Simón Bolívar, Manuel Belgrano, José Artigas, Juana Azurduy and many others that struggled for Latin America's independence helped students to get a better understanding of this historical period and main characters studied in first class. It was a joyfull visit that finished with some traditional Argentine ice cream at the Museum's beautiful garden.

One month later, the same group of Global Students, together with Professor Bruno Nunes and the special guest Alejandro Cataldi, visited the Evita Museum, as part of the class "Populisms in Latin America (part 1): Peronism in Argentina". There they could see historical fragments of Eva and Juan Domingo Perón's life and political legacies and get a better understanding of the Peronist movement, having the explanatory overview and support of Cataldi about questions originated in class and after exploring the museum. The place also hosts Eva Perón's Institute and it is located in a very beautiful and ancient house, with internal patio with plants, multimedia resources and Perón's furnitures, art and artefacts. It was a nice experience that connected the topics worked in class with the materials exhibited at the museum.

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