Re-integrating into the US (a look back at this semester)

Authored by:
Lexi A.

The things I look forward to:

  • A variety of food options - fruits and vegetables
  • My bed
  • Seeing my family and friends again
  • Being invisible again
  • Walking/independence in regard to transport
  • Not having 8000 speed bumps
  • Not being in a constant state of sweatiness
  • Listening to music at a normal volume without music videos included


  • The idea that ill never see places as beautiful ever again. Going into this semester when people asked why I chose to study abroad in Africa I would say because this is a once in a lifetime experience that I would be unlikely to have the ability to do at any other point in my life.
  • That I’ll no longer be capable of putting up with others complaining about things not going their way/things not working temporarily because I've had to become accustomed to dealing with such on a regular basis

Things I’ll be sad to leave:

  • My friends- because most of what I experienced in Bots was so new and the other abroad students were doing the same simultaneously we became extremely close and those bonds will last beyond the boundaries of this semester. We knew coming into this semester that we would likely have similar spirits because not all types of people choose the Gaborone program to begin with and just the fact that these people were also willing to remove themselves from their comfort zones and travel to the other side of the world to experience a country few could tell you anything about made them people worthy of respect. I could literally write something about every single member of my program that I will miss going forward.
  • Our dance parties and ability to enjoy the moment
  • The peace and quiet
  • Traveling to amazing places and experiencing the differences of culture prevalent within the continent of Africa as it is typically summed up as one entity
  • Clinical experience - being able to directly observe the Botswana health care system in action and the reasons causing the current system malfunctions - lack of accountability
  • There were so many times this semester that I was able to do things or see things that I would never be able to do in the United States that allowed for a greater adrenaline rush and greater insight into the local culture
  • Fat cakes

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