Queer Bazaar in Hyderabad

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Omar C.

August 26, 2019, I attended an event called the 'queer Bazaar', a show put together by a local NGO, which brought together people from the LGBT+ community and allies from all over Hyderabad.

The event began with an open-mic showcase where topics about LGBT injustices and queerphobia were discuessed, followed by performances by group members who danced classical Indian music and sung different Telugu songs. 

I was chosen to go on stage and to give any insight on anything I wanted relating to the queer experience. Having only been in India for a short time, I felt that I did not have much input in the moment but I spoke about my experience as a gay man now living in India. I added how I personally have not experienced any discrimination for my sexual orientation and how staying in a big city maybe contributed to that.

Attending the queer Bazaar event allowed me to meet other LGBT identifying indviduals. Learning about their experiences about discrimination and comming out stories was very empowering and as I watched theri performances, speeches, and engagment within the social space, it was clear that these people were confident, proud, and happy.

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