Put J-term to Work Exploring Security in London

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College Study Abroad

College Study Abroad

Spend J-term exploring the streets of London and earning credits!

You’re invited to bring your experiences, thoughts, and questions to London this J-term to understand how the lives of residents are impacted by police and their everyday responsibilities. In this three-week, three-credit course, Terrorism, Security, and Policing in the Metropolitan City, you’ll explore the nuances of policing a cosmopolitan city like London, compare the security structures in small towns and metropolitan cities, and analyze institutional racism and policing throughout history.

Through in-class lectures, debates, conversations with local professionals, and a two-day field trip to Manchester, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the challenges facing the modern metropolitan police force and the security issues that arise when creating new spaces in the city.

Our program is much more than academics. It’s packed with co-curricular activities and excursions to ensure you experience the full flavor of London, including its people and culture. For instance, you’ll visit Tate Modern, Borough Market, the British Museum, and more.  Then there are the weekends when you’re free to explore Brighton, Bath, or Edinburgh!

No matter your academic background, Terrorism, Security, and Policing in the Metropolitan City will enthrall, excite, and open the door to global awareness for urban societies’ challenges and tribulations.

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