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Connie H.

Connie H.

One of my favourite ways to study a new language is through reading short stories, and what better place to do it than a lovely library or bookstore! I am going to share some of the bookstores/libraries I have visited so far here.

1. Starfield Library (별마당도서관)

Starfield Library is located inside of the COEX Mall and is two stories large. It is a fun place to frequent as the seasons change because they do elaborate decorations for holidays. Here you can both borrow books to read at tables upstairs, or you can purchase books to take with you.

2. Book Park (북 파크)

Book Park is a fairly small library located in a fantastic area. Although it was not large, the architecture of it was grand. There was also a cafe inside where you could enjoy your new books. The surrounding are was also filled with delicious brunch and dessert cafes, so I would recommend exploring the area after visiting the bookstore.

3. Arc and Book Sinchon Branch (아크 앤 북)

The Arc and Book Sinchon Branch is about a 20 minute walk from the Yonsei campus and is located on the top floor of a mall called UPLEX. This bookstore offers some English books, so if you are a complete beginner in Korean, I would recommend checking out this store. They also have a section of small poetry or short story books, which I have enjoyed reading to practice my Korean lately. Attached to the book store is a cafe called the Sinchon Roasting Library, which has a beautiful bird's eye view of Sinchon and delicious coffee. The light atmosphere of the cafe makes it a super relaxing place to go and read for a bit.

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